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Game Night, Game On

Game Night, Game On


Clear off the coffee table, grab some games and gather your pals for a fun-filled, cozy night in. Home’s the new hot spot when there are plenty of drinks, snacks and side-splitting entertainment for you and your friends to enjoy. Party like a pro with our roundup of top-notch adult board games, party tips and simple-to-make appetizers. Good times are guaranteed!


Games are more fun, and often easier to play, with more than one buddy. Aim for four to eight players so you’re set for individual or team games. Send out two to three extra invites in case some friends send their regrets—that way you’ll still have enough guests for gaming. Got a big group of friends? Invite them all and set up multiple game spots in your house, with a rule that all games and teams switch up every 45 minutes.


Forget the knife and fork—you’ve got cards, dice and drinks to hold! Keep snacks unfussy and easy to eat so guests can nibble while playing without making a mess. (No chicken wings or your games will get sauced!) We’re sharing party-perfect recipes that’ll keep guests munching and you enjoying the festivities instead of being stuck in the kitchen cooking. Mix ’em with basic cheese, veggie and fruit trays for a well-rounded spread. Check ’em out.

BBQ Halftime Snack Mix
Jalapeño Popper Meatballs
Hawaiian Deep-Dish Pizza Bites
Crescent Pretzel Dogs
Spinach Feta Turnovers

When the grub’s ready to serve, arrange heartier items on a counter so guests know where to refuel in between games. (All that playing works up an appetite!). Keep a stack of napkins and dishes at the ready. We love the CORELLE® LIVINGWARE PAYDEN 16-PIECE DINNERWARE SET for its cool, calm colors and strong construction—no need to worry about these lightweight and durable Vitrelle® glass plates and bowls chipping or breaking during playtime. Load them all into the dishwasher afterward for super-simple cleanup.

Keep munchable snacks like popcorn and snack mix tableside for quick mid-play snack breaks. The CORELLE® LIVINGWARE™ WINTER FROST 5-PC SNACK SET is perfectly sized and offers durability and easy cleaning.


Don’t get stuck mixing drinks or you’ll never get your game on. Create a designated mix station and set out cocktail fixings—bottles, mixers, ice, glasses, stir sticks and garnishes—and let your guests help themselves. Add a bucket filled with chilled seasonal craft beers and a few varieties of wine for maximum guest satisfaction, and don’t forget the corkscrew and bottle opener! If you have time, whip up a big ol’ batch of cocktails—Bloody Marys, margaritas or mulled wine—that guests can pour upon arriving. We also suggest keeping towels handy to wipe up spills or splashes.


Games are destined for the coffee table and its easy-to-reach-across size. Toss some pillows, cushions and blankets on the floor so your buds can be comfy while you beat them at Scrabble. If the kitchen table is a play station, too, considering splurging for chair cushions since players may be parked there for a while.


Need to liven up your game closet or looking for something besides cards, bingo and dominoes? Check out these new giggle-inducing, raucous games.

Spontuneous Music lovers find their groove with this song-inspired game. A word is given and players race to belt out any song containing that word. No talent required.

Awkward Turtle Described as an adult party word guessing game with 352 of the most awkward-sounding, -feeling and -looking words the English language offers, this one’s perfect for large groups or as an icebreaker to get the games going.

Reverse Charades One person guesses while the rest of the team silently acts out the word, either working together or inadvertently against each other. Either way, hilarity ensues!

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