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Greek Out Over Dinner

Greek Out Over Dinner

Divine flavors? Absolutely! Time to finesse thin sheets of pastry into a Mediterranean masterpiece? Not so much. We adore spanakopita, that rich combination of cream cheese, spinach and feta layered between sheets of buttery, crispy phyllo dough, but pulling it together is a mighty feat. And after all, we’re only human.

So we found a simpler way. And not just for the spanakopita, but for all of your favorite Greek dishes. Below you’ll find links to easy, delicious recipes for your next Mediterranean feast, whether it’s for reuniting college pals, throwing a mythology-themed birthday party or just because you love to say opa! You can even speed up your cleanup when you make use of your PYREX® GLASSWARE.


Make your appetizers faster, easier and just as yummy.


Instead of using fresh beans, which have to soak overnight, reach for a can of navy beans or chickpeas to make this easy hummus from the Seemingly Greek blog.


Making traditional Greek pie can be tricky when working with thin sheets of phyllo dough. Instead try this sweet shortcut with frozen miniature phyllo tart shells to make this simple spanakopita appetizer from Celebrations at Home blog.


Keep the authentic flavors, lose the traditional prep time.


No rotisserie needed! In less than 30 minutes, you’ll be dining on light and healthy turkey gyros from Taste of Home. You can also use chicken breast strips instead.


A modern take on the traditional version, this easy-to-assemble casserole calls for ground beef instead of lamb and only requires 20 minutes of your time. Credit this idea to Midwest Living.


Get to your favorite course more quickly.


Take a helping hand from refrigerated crescent rolls and put together a sweet and nutty batch of quick baklava from blogger Lady Behind the Curtain that tastes like it was hours in the making.


Pretty Greek yogurt parfaits take mere minutes, and you can substitute whatever fresh fruit is in season or your favorite kind of jam. Morph yours into the classic American lunch variation by trying this PB&J version by Kelsey Hilts at Honest Cooking.

Now you should have a little extra time for some fun decor. Complement your menu with:

  • Grape leaves and bowls of olives—a super-easy tablescape for your Greek party.
  • Infuse your theme with the calming colors of the brilliant blue waters surrounding Greece.

Party-planning expert Chris Nease of the blog Celebrations at Home shares some super-cool Greek-themed party ideas along with some clever decorating tips for a classic celebration. And, you don’t have to rock a toga (unless you want to!).


What is your favorite Greek dish?