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Easy-Pack Snacks: 5 Healthy Go-Anywhere Options

Easy-Pack Snacks: 5 Healthy Go-Anywhere Options

When you’re scrambling to get from work to the gym before picking up the kids from dance and basketball, or getting to your softball game on time, chances are you’ll need to refuel. Unless you stashed a few snacks in your laptop bag, you might find yourself contemplating unhealthy options on the drive-thru menu.

Good thing your Snapware® storage containers like to travel. Anywhere. Anytime.

With tightly secured leak-proof and air-tight lids, these durable containers can be packed with healthy on-the-go snacks and stored neatly in your car, van, SUV or bike bag. For those days that keep you away from home for hours at a time, pack a few of these energizing and delicious options.


Need a sweet and crunchy fix without overindulging? The combo of caramel-coated popcorn and lightly salted peanuts is a tasty way to sneak in whole grains, healthy fat and some protein. This version by Healthy Food for Living includes a little peanut butter for even more energy. Keep it fresh by storing 1-cup portions in several Snapware® Total SolutionTM 1-cup round BPA-free plastic containers with lids.


Work a few extra veggies into your diet by packing prewashed cherry tomatoes, sliced bell peppers and sugar snap peas into Snapware® Total SolutionTM 1-cup square containers. Delicious without dips or dressings, they also happen to be excellent sources of vitamin C and fiber. Want a quick flavor boost? Keep a few disposable packs of pepper nearby.


Fresh fruit fans, check out our fave superfood duo: plump blueberries paired with toasted walnuts. This refreshing pairing offers a healthy dose of antioxidants from the berries and a small helping of omega-3s from the walnuts. Feel free to experiment with other delicious berry and nut combos, like dried cranberries and almonds or goji berries and pistachios.


For an energy boost, reach for dark chocolate-covered raisins and soy crisps. The raisins are a good source of iron, potassium and zinc, while a single serving of soy crisps contains half the amount of calories in potato chips. And chocolate ? We do like the recently discovered health benefits of dark chocolate…but we might just recommend a daily dose anyway!


Need to recharge with some post-workout protein? Try dry roasted edamame, which contains 14 grams of soy protein per serving, or peanut butter sandwiched between whole grain crackers—either tasty fix will bump up your energy and hold you over ’til dinner.

While you’re at it, stow a few nonperishable choices in the car, too. Organize with a few Snapware Snap ’n Stack Food Storage Boxes , and include small portable snacks like granola bars, healthy trail and snack mixes, single-serving applesauce cups, fruit leathers, travel-size peanut butter, veggie sticks and individual multigrain cracker or nut packs. And because the boxes stack nicely and snap to one another, you can also keep napkins and plastic utensils conveniently stored in these too.

You’re good to go! If only you didn’t always have to be two places at once…

YOUR TURN: Share your top snack choices for quick energy on the go.