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Snap Hacks: 3 Quick Pantry Organizing Tricks

Snap Hacks: 3 Quick Pantry Organizing Tricks

    • Keep pantry staples in reusable bins or containers to free up space.
    • Bundle similar items together for quick reference and easy reach.
    • Keep small items organized in easy-grab bins.

The pantry is one of the most visited spots in the house. Though stops there tend to be grab-and-go, it can end up looking like a smash-and-grab. Reclaiming control doesn’t have to take days or be daunting. These 3 quick tricks are all you need to have your pantry organized in a snap.


Jump-start your pantry makeover by moving pantry staples—like cereal, rice, pasta, sugar and flour—into clear, airtight storage containers. Pitching the packaging will instantly clear up clutter and make it easy to see when a restock is needed.


Bundling items together in the ways that you actually use them won’t just put the pantry in order, it will make your time in the kitchen more efficient. Storing similar ingredients together makes for quick reference and reach.

Simple Shortcut. Use SNAPWARE® SMART STORE® HOME STORAGE CONTAINERS to create groups for everything from breakfast foods to baking basics. Use the container lids as a tray to group cans and jars together. To keep the kids from searching for snacks, organizing their selection and store the bin on a low shelf for easy access.


With pantry staples secured and bins bundled, it’s time to tidy small and loose items. Believe it or not, there are a few easy ways to get all those random extras straightened up.

YOUR TURN: What’s working in your pantry? We’d love to hear your tricks and tips!


  • LABEL LOVE. Labeling is key to keeping your system in check. Keep a dry erase marker in the pantry for quick and easy labeling, or add a little personalizing by ordering removable vinyl labels.
  • TIME TO TAME. Scheduling 10 minutes a week to do pantry inventory and maintenance will make sure your pantry stays in peak form all year long.
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