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Bake Your Way to My Heart

Bake Your Way to My Heart

From private little gestures to over-the-top grandiosity, there are a million and one ways to express your sentiments on Valentine’s Day. Racking your brain for the perfect, heartfelt way to convey your love? We say think dessert, go homemade and make it personal.

Our easy-to-make Cinnamon-Red Velvet-White Chocolate Heart Cake recipe transforms a cake mix (with just a few additional ingredients) into a scrumptious gift, and you can write your love note right on top, replacing the need for a card. Talk about the icing on the cake!


When you describe your ultimate Valentine’s Day, would it be undeniably sweet and a little bit spicy? Irresistibly intimate with a dash of decadence? As fate would have it, here’s a matching gift idea: Our heart-shaped chocolate cake, frosted with either chocolate ganache or pink buttercream, and lovingly decorated by you.

Although baking a cake is easy enough to tackle, does the thought of making it pretty it leave your mind blank and your hands trembling? Check out our easy decorating ideas or toppings, and put your heart into it!


Frost the cake with chocolate ganache. Fill mini foil baking cups with chocolates or other candies and arrange on top of the cake once the frosting has set. Sprinkle red-tinted coconut between the baking cups.

TIP: To tint coconut, place shredded coconut in a resealable plastic bag. Add a few drops of red food color, then close the bag and shake until evenly tinted. Add more food color and repeat if necessary, until desired shade is achieved.



Frost the cake with chocolate ganache. Place a purchased decorated heart cookie in the center of the frosted cake. Spoon pink buttercream into a pastry bag fitted with a star tip (or use a tube of purchased decorator’s icing). Outline the cookie with the frosting, then make concentric hearts of frosting until the cake is covered. Need more flair? Sprinkle everything with red, pink or white sprinkles.



Poke a kid’s sand shovel (clean or new) into the frosted cake. (Use either frosting option.) Arrange conversation hearts or other Valentine’s candies to be spilling out of the shovel, onto the cake. Using a tube of decorator’s icing, write “I dig you” on top of the cake.


Make, cool and frost your cake as directed, then choose one of these sweet and simple ways to decorate it.

  • Spell out “XOXO” with little red cinnamon candies.
  • Create a message from several conversation heart candies.
  • Decorate the top with white and chocolate striped candy drops.
  • Make heart-shaped marshmallows by flattening jumbo marshmallows and cut into heart shapes with a heart-shaped cookie cutter.
  • Top with chocolate-covered strawberries—either purchase them or make your own with these easy tips, but stick with the appropriate color theme!
  • Go all out and pile on strawberry slices (which look like hearts when sliced top to bottom), brownie bits and mini marshmallows, then drizzle with melted chocolate.
  • Celebrate your first Valentine’s Day as parents by pressing your baby’s foot or hand into the frosting to make an imprint. (Use the Pink Buttercream for this option.)


  1. COOL IT: Be sure to let the cake completely cool before frosting, or the top layer will come off with your strokes and you’ll end up with a crumbly surface. TIP: Refrigerate or freeze the cake until firm before frosting.
  2. SMOOTH MOVES: Learn how to frost like a pro with these easy how-to tips.
  3. WRITE ON: Pipe your message in cursive. The continuity of the connected letters makes it easier to control the flow of the icing.

And the second sweetest part about saying “I love you” with this cake? Your thank-you piece!

YOUR TURN: Spread the love and upload a pic of your sweet creation here.