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Easy Patriotic Desserts: Stars, Stripes and Sweets Forever!

Easy Patriotic Desserts: Stars, Stripes and Sweets Forever!

Memorial Day. Time to honor those who gave their lives for our country’s freedom. And, time to celebrate that freedom with an unofficial kickoff to summer (and a day off work) filled with friends, family and fun…and good food, too! Whether you’re planning a party or backyard barbecue, or parking your crew curbside at the local parade, make sure you pay tribute with a tasty patriotic treat or two. These true-blue goodies are all super simple to make and take, so please share with your fellow Americans, for Memorial Day, July 4th or any other patriotic reason to celebration.


Make new fans or bring back fond memories with a retro dessert featuring a light and fluffy cream filling sandwiched between two cakelike cookies. Red, white and blue Whoopie Pies from Neighbor Food. Delish! They can be made to satisfy any flavor craving or occasion, but these red, white and blue whoopie pies from Neighbor Food Blog are a perfect fit for a patriotic party.


Celebrate the season’s freshest picks with fantastic fruit pizzas made from sugar cookies, sweetened cream cheese and a bounty of berries. Patriotic mini fruit pizzas via Mommy’s Kitchen.

TIP: To feed a crowd, make one big pizza in a sheet pan for the whole crew.


What’s better than biting into a fresh, juicy late-spring strawberry? Maybe biting into one covered in chocolate and sprinkles. Affordable and easy to make, this is a great one for kids to take on. Red strawberries with plenty of white and blue, too, via U.S. of Awesome.

  • Start by dipping each berry in melted white chocolate (try tinting some light blue, too), then let the fun begin!
  • Roll in any combination of red, white or blue colored sugar and sprinkles, like the tempting creations shown in U.S. of Awesome .
  • Let harden on a Baker’s Secret® 10” x 16” Cooling Rack before popping into the fridge to fully set up.


Sweet, wobbly gelatin cutouts are lots of fun and a perennial crowd-pleaser. Star-spangled stained-glass desserts from Krissy’s Creations.


It may not be apple, but we think an almost-no-bake strawberry pie is all-American through and through. What better than an almost no-bake pie? From Real Mom Kitchen


Light up the dessert table with a brilliant Bundt cake that boasts the valiant colors of Old Glory. Cooking with Sugar created this dazzling bundt cake!

  • All will admire this dazzling confection from Cooking with Sugar .
  • The nonstick surface of a Baker’s Secret® Fluted Bundt Tube Pan will let the cake stand proud and the colors shine through. Celebrate the last Monday in May by saluting our fallen heroes, our country and our kitchens. Three cheers for our sweet land of liberty…and your sweet spread of treats!


YOUR TURN: What’s the red, white and blue dessert that you’re most proud to serve?