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Gadget Guru: Sweet Baking Secrets

Gadget Guru: Sweet Baking Secrets

By Caroline Gravino, Salsa Pie Productions

One of the best-selling cookbooks ever is The Joy of Baking. I think of this title often when standing in my kitchen with a bowl of batter and whisk in hand. Baking really does bring such joy! I love the delicious outcome, of course, but it’s also an activity my children and I can enjoy together. Mixing up a chocolate cake or dropping dough onto a cookie sheet is sweetly nostalgic—I remember doing the same with my mother. I truly hope my kids will look back and remember baking with me, too.

Since baking isn’t just about making cakes and cookies but also about creating memories, I’m always on the lookout for ways to maximize the fun by making the process simple and stress-free. My No. 1 secret? Get all the right gadgets. Drawers decked with cool, colorful and clever tools make it easy to enjoy time spent in the kitchen.

Great baking begins with great basics. And the BAKER’S SECRET® ESSENTIALS really are essential baking tools. Do you have them in your kitchen?

Even if your cupboards are well stocked with essentials, it might be time to replace some of those old and outdated utensils. Check out these 3 expert tool tips, then give your gadgets a gander. If any of them show these signs, it’s time to toss out the old and treat yourself to some new tools!

  • Wooden Spoons. Replace if you see cracks or discoloration. This can be a sign of bacteria seeping in.
  • Rubber Spatulas. Rubber isn’t as porous as wood, so it will last longer. However, if any part of your tool has melted or missing chunks from use, it’s time to replace.
  • Silicone Utensils. Durable and long-lasting, silicone tools only need to be replaced if they show signs of discoloration or become deeply scratched.


Though I have sweet childhood memories of making muffins with wooden spoons and clunky metal beaters, I so embrace modern gadgets that make baking endlessly convenient. These 5 gadgets are favorites—cleverly designed, easy to clean and absolutely indispensable when it comes to cooking with my kids (and without them, too!).

  1. Must-Have Measuring Cups. Measuring when I’m baking is made precise and pretty with the BAKER’S SECRET® ESSENTIALS 4-PC MEASURING CUP SET. Each size, from 1/4 cup up to 1 cup, is a different color, so it’s simple to distinguish one size from another. After measuring, I pop the colorful cups in the dishwasher and cleanup is a snap! And storage is a snap, too. Literally! They stay together in a tidy stack, thanks to magnets in the handles that line them up and keep them that way. Genius!
  2. Easy-Store Measuring Spoons. The BAKER’S SECRET® ESSENTIALS 5-PC MEASURING SPOON SET matches the measuring cups. Love that. It’s so nice to have a kitchen full of cute colors, plus it’s easy to find these bright spoons in a drawer of utensils. I never lose them for the same reason my measuring cups stay organized. They’re magnetic, too, and line up in a neat little nested stack. Neat freaks rejoice! The set includes 1/4 teaspoon, 1/2 teaspoon, 1 teaspoon, 1/2 tablespoon and 1 tablespoon, and each size comes in its own color. Such a great way to quickly grab the right measurement for my recipes.
  3. Durable Spoons for Stirring. For mixing batter, stirring and creaming, the BAKER’S SECRET® ESSENTIALS 3-PC POLY SPOON SET is an ideal solution for the job. The durable, three-size spoon set is fantastic for nonstick surfaces, resists staining and is dishwasher safe, too. You’ll never work with another cracked wooden spoon again!
  4. Wonderful Whisk. When it’s time to whisk batters, frostings and sauces, the BAKER’S SECRET® ESSENTIALS SILICONE WHISK is superior to metal. Made from high-temperature-tolerant silicone, it does everything your old whisk does, plus can be used for stovetop stirring and never scratches nonstick cookware. This whisk seriously “whisks” me away!
  5. The Ultimate Spatula. Once my recipe is prepped and mixed together, spreading it into a baking pan is smoother than ever with the BAKER’S SECRET® ESSENTIALS MEDIUM SPOONTULA. A spoon and spatula married into one, this gadget is incredible for scooping, scraping and stirring. Like all the BAKER’S SECRET® ESSENTIALS products, it’s also completely dishwasher safe and comes with a full lifetime warranty.

Each of these must-have gadgets makes me feel like a baking superhero! Having the right tools on hand means less stress for me, more fun for my kids and ensures the experience will become a sweet memory for us all.