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Gift Box Cookies with a Surprise

Gift Box Cookies with a Surprise

’Tis the season of sweets and celebration, but this year skip the plastic wrap and paper plates! Spice up the traditional cookie exchange by giving away culinary creations in fun, festive bundles. We’ve found five surefire creative ideas that will have family and friends fa-la-la-ing in love with your creative cookies.

Instead of proffering plain ol’ plates of cookies, upgrade your holiday game by packaging homemade goodies with a copy of the recipe, then tie it all together with a reusable giftable. Tucking in a few simple add-ons can really turn the same-old into something extra special.

Though it sounds elaborate, creating custom cookie packages is quite easy. You don’t have to hole up in the kitchen for days, or download 52 impossible ideas from Pinterest. Give the rolling pin a break and speed up cookie production by making a big batch of Classic Spritz Cookies with the BAKER’S SECRET® COOKIE PRESS. Such a snappy way to create dozens of different cookies in minutes, all from one basic dough.

Once the cookies are baked, wrap ’em up with a bow and pack with one of the ideas below. You’ll have a treat that can be relished as soon as it’s opened, with a little something left over for recipients to enjoy all year long.


Cookie Boxing

Let the festive season inspire your cookie crafting! From snowflakes to sleighs, take inspiration from ornaments while creating your cookie décor. Cradle creations in ornament boxes or this SNAPWARE® SNAP ’N STACK® COOKIE & CUPCAKE CARRIER, tie a recipe for Salt Dough Ornaments on top and share with a box of cookie cutters. Such a fun way for friends to make their own DIY ornaments once they’ve finished off your box of cookies!

  • SWEET SHAREABLE. Add a little kitchen crafting to your cookie box by tying BAKER’S SECRET® COOKIE CUTTERS to your package. With six different shapes, including a gingerbread boy, star and heart, this set makes it easy to make your own ornaments.


Whether you’re going over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s or heading to your hipster besties tiny house, tuck your favorite cookies in vintage tins. Easy to find at flea markets and antique shops, old-timey containers will protect your treats perfectly while reminding friends and family of the charm of yesteryear. The best part? Once the cookies are done, loved ones will be left with a gorgeous storage box.


The holidays are all about homemade, handcrafted gifts. Forget the high-tech whiz-bangs and wrap fresh-baked cookies with fabric for an extra crafty touch. Head to the fabric store to pick from patterns that will cheer up anyone, from cousins to co-workers. Don’t have time to cut custom squares? Buy a few budget-friendly bandanas and playfully knot the corners together. Attach a kitchen spoon and holiday card or recipe and you’ll have a gift that’s full of heart.


Make a Santa’s Milk and Cookie package by sharing a batch of cookies wrapped with everything needed to make Christmas Eve cookies for the Jolly Man. Share the recipe for your favorite dunkables and tie it all together with a few baking essentials.



If you’re running short on time or don’t want to be tempted by sweets, you can skip the baking and still deliver a family favorite by prepping a kit of cookie decorating essentials: from frosting to toppings and recipe ideas. Customize to your heart’s content, this is one package where the possibilities really are endless!

  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL. Add an unexpected accessory to your kit by including a BAKER’S SECRET® COOKIE PRESS. The kids will love the new kitchen tool, and parents will appreciate the minimal mess.

When it comes to holiday gifting, there’s nothing quite like the cookie plate. This year give a little something extra and watch everyone’s eyes light up in delight! These five sweet twists are a truly fun way to “mix it up” this year!