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How to Host a Make-Ahead Brunch

How to Host a Make-Ahead Brunch

    • Set up your party the night before for stress-free entertaining.
    • Put make-ahead meals on your menu, so all you have to do in the morning is bake.
    • Keep drinks simple. A DIY Mimosa Bar is an easy way to let guests make their own sipper.

Brunch is one of the reasons to roll out of bed on the weekend. But being the brunch host usually means waking early, with a frantic morning of prep before guests arrive.

Instead, why not pull together a make-ahead brunch? With all of the prep done the day before, you can hit the snooze and sleep in late—because everything from décor to dishes are ready to go as soon as you wake up. Here’s how.


To-Do #1: Tidy Up the Night Before. Take a few minutes the night before to clear clutter and give your rooms a quick refresh. That way, you’ll be relaxed when your guests roll in.


To-Do #2: Prep the Party Tables. With house ready to host, complete all setup before you hit the hay. Setting out buffet tables, dishes and other partyware the night before doesn’t just prevent a last-second scurry, but it will also keep you from forgetting important details.

To-Do #3: Decorate the Day Before. Don’t save décor for the last minute either! Keep your morning stress-free by setting out all decorations—from streamers to centerpieces—by setting up the party space beforehand. Doing it all a day ahead means you’ll also have time to run to the store for last-minute items, if something was forgotten.


To-Do #4: Make Your Make-Ahead Menu. No more last-minute dash to pull the final party together. Rather than hiding away in the kitchen while everyone else celebrates, everything on this menu can be prepped the day before, so you can enjoy brunch as much as your guests do!

  • Savory Eggs. Eggs are a brunch staple, but skip the classics like omelets and fried eggs, which require careful attention. Instead, serve a quiche-inspired egg dish like this Ham and Cheese Breakfast Bake, which can be prepped in a BAKER’S SECRET® ROUND CAKE PAN 8″ in advance, then baked before guests arrive.
    Ham and Cheese Breakfast Bake


  • Overnight Sweet. Brunch wouldn’t be complete without a little bready sweetness. Delicious and dazzling, this Berry French Toast Casserole is the ultimate dish for a leisurely brunch. Not only does it require no work at the stove, but it actually gets better when left to sit overnight. Assemble in a BAKER’S SECRET® OBLONG PAN 9″ X 13″ for a colorful complement to your savory egg bake.
  • Portable Pie. Finish off the table with a dessert fit for breakfast—Raspberry-Peach Hand Pies. These freezer-friendly pastries come together quickly with the convenience of store-bought piecrust. They can be assembled weeks in advance, then frozen until needed. When it’s time to bake, simply arrange frozen pies on a BAKER’S SECRET® SIGNATURE™ LARGE COOKIE SHEET and bake until golden.
  • Fresh Fruit. A simple fruit salad is a great way to lighten the menu against heavier brunch mains. Cut up the fruit the night before, then toss just before serving. Set out in cups with a few toppings like yogurt and granola for an instant DIY Parfait Bar.


To-Do #5: Simplify the Sippers. With dishes prepped, the only thing left is to make sure the coffeepot never runs dry. Premeasure and grind the coffee beans before guests arrive so you can start a fresh pot within moments.

If serving cocktails, keep the booze selection down to a single option, but set out a few complementary mix-ins. For instance, offer champagne with a variety of juice options and let guests make their own mimosas.

Take the traditionally time-consuming job of hosting down to a minimum with these brilliantly easy ideas for prep. With everything made ahead, all you have to do for the rest of the morning is enjoy!

YOUR TURN: Do you have a favorite make-ahead brunch dish? Share it in the comments section below!