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Recipe Madness: Dynamite Bites That Bring It!

Recipe Madness: Dynamite Bites That Bring It!

Recipe Madness is back, and our teams have been prepping all season for the Big Dance! Our Easy Eight recipes, including these two from the Baker’s Secret® Buzzer Beaters, will compete for a chance to go head-to-head in the championship. We could have a real Cinderella story on our hands this year, folks, so choose your contenders carefully.

With key utility players like the muffin pan stepping up, the Baker’s Secret Buzzer Beaters will be a force to be reckoned with this time around. A seasoned team of industry leaders, BAKER’S SECRET® BAKEWARE lets your recipes shine as they:

  • Execute flawlessly with nonstick surfaces and durable construction.
  • Perform with consistency and precision.
  • Come in different sizes to meet challenges big and small.

This team works exceptionally well together, so let’s hope they can keep their momentum. Scouting reports predict that one of these recipes will bring the heat while the other will be courting the sweet taste of victory.

Thanks to their effortless firepower, you’ll want to keep these in the rotation all party long. Man-to-man coverage and south-of-the-border style ensure hot action and a possibility of OT snacking. A taste this great is hard to beat.

25342_BKS_JAN_SwtResltns_Cr GET THE RECIPE

Squared up and ready for their shot, these brownies handle crunch time with ease. Rockin’ a one-two punch of salty and sweet, the flavors have spent a lot of time in the paint and they’re working together flawlessly.

25342_BKS_JAN_SwtResltns_Cr GET THE RECIPE


  • If you’re hosting, keep in mind that you’re in it for the long haul. Plan accordingly by serving foods that can sit out for a while without needing to be refrigerated, and keep things like chili and dips warm by using a slow cooker.
  • Have kids coming to the party? Keep them entertained with basketball-themed sweets like our SLAM-DUNK COOKIES or FULL-COURT CHOCOLATE PB & OAT BARS.
  • Print out blank brackets and have guests fill them out. The games are more fun if everyone has a stake in who wins.

YOUR TURN:  VOTE HERE  if you want one of these tasty recipes to advance to the 2015 Recipe Madness Championship. GAME ON!