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Super Sweet Snacks for the Big Game

Super Sweet Snacks for the Big Game

Serving treats at a Super Bowl party is kind of like kicking the extra point. You’ve still scored without it, but 7 is so much sweeter than 6. And once you’re done with all the chips, dip and beer, there’s no better way to celebrate a victory (or drown your sorrows) than with football-themed goodies. Now let's scope out some potential all-stars for your sweet Super Bowl Sunday spread.


Call an audible and bridge the gap between apps and sweets with our addictive new twist on caramel corn. Make this tempting treat even more fun by pressing the warm mixture firmly into a BAKER'S SECRET® SIGNATURE LARGE COOKIE SHEET
to about a 1-inch thickness, and then cutting it into shapes with a football-shaped cookie cutter.


Sweet ’n sticky, salty ’n smoky. Our homemade caramel corn recruits the stellar flavor talents of rich maple syrup, crunchy salted peanuts and smoked Spanish paprika for one sensational snack mix. GET THE RECIPE


Our fresh and fruity RASPBERRY-PEACH HAND PIES are another super-easy treat that you can whip up in the shape of mini footballs. Use a stencil to make sure your dough cutouts are all the same size. You can even use a paring knife to carve “laces” into the dough before baking.


Easy to make and quick to eat, these chocolate-covered strawberry footballs will fly off the platter. Dip whole strawberries in milk chocolate or semisweet chocolate. Once the chocolate is set, pipe on football laces with white chocolate. Don’t forget to refrigerate until you’re ready to serve ’em.


Looking for a cute way to get a batch of cupcakes in the zone? Frost with alternating stripes of chocolate and white frosting so they look like referees, and commemorate this year’s competition by inserting toothpick flags with both teams’ colors. Use a BAKER'S SECRET® SIGNATURETM 12-CUP MUFFIN PAN to bake up the goods.


  1. CUT IT OUT. Caramel corn and hand pies aren’t the only things that you can turn into footballs. Cut pans of sheet cake, bars or brownies with a football-shaped cookie cutter, and pipe on frosting laces using a resealable plastic bag with a tiny corner snipped off.
  2. AVOID FALSE STARTS. Give empty stomachs a proper base and start with some slightly more substantial foods. Check out our FAVORITE TASTY APPETIZERS and HEALTHIER SNACKS for ideas and inspiration.
  3. MAKE A HOLDING CALL. Stick with our pickup theme and forgo the forks to make the whole party FINGER-FOOD FRIENDLY.The point of all this sweet talk? Whatever the outcome of the game, your well-rounded spread will keep the fans cheering!

YOUR TURN: Which party desserts will you defend ’til the end?