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20 Ways to Make Awesome Sammies!

20 Ways to Make Awesome Sammies!

The simple sandwich. Easy to make, convenient to eat, often classified as boring! Let’s face it—we can all slip into a rut.

Time to break new ground! All it takes to transform a sandwich from ho-hum to bistro-worthy is a little imagination and a dash of inspiration. And before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the best thing between sliced bread again.



Sandwiches start with the bread, the foundation of your creation. Make sure to choose bread dense enough to stand up to toppings and condiments, but tender enough to bite into easily. Breeze past the supermarket bread aisle and head to the bakery for a whole new world of fresh-baked loaves and rolls. Choices in most supermarkets have expanded exponentially. CHICAGO CUTLERY® KINZIE COLORS™ 7.75" BREAD KNIFE handles the slicing through thick and thin, from ciabatta to brioche to sourdough.


•Thrill-seeker: Cure the common same-old, same-old by trying some of the lesser-known (and hard-to-pronounce) cuts behind the deli counter. Soppresseta, mortadella, prosciutto, pâté de campagne and serrano ham are great full-flavored options to layer in or use on their own. The more you stack, the more of a meal you create.
•Traditionalist: If you revere roast beef, try roasting your own. Same goes for turkey breast and ham. DIY deli meat is cheaper and preservative-free, easy to flavor with your own marinades and can be sliced exactly as you like.


Cheddar and Swiss are great utility players, but you’ll discover some underused talent when you slice up Brie, sprinkle on feta or broil a little bleu on top.


•Tomatoes: For more intense flavor, use roasted tomatoes or sun-dried tomato pesto in lieu of fresh slices, unless you’re trying out a flavorful heirloom variety.
•Onions: If raw makes you tear up, enjoy caramelized or roasted onions with fresh rosemary.
•Greens: Micro greens, baby spinach, watercress and arugula give sammies some gusto.
•Crunch: sprouts, ’shrooms, bell peppers, jalapeños, cucumbers…pile ’em on in tons of combinations.
•The great beyond: Add out-of-the-ordinary goodies like roasted poblano peppers, sliced green apples, peanuts, almonds, radishes or grilled eggplant.



•Dressed-up mayo: Pass over the plain and find a variety of flavored options on the shelf next door, or simply make your own. Turn up the heat by adding horseradish or wasabi paste, hot pepper sauce or chop some fresh herbs like dill or basil, mince a bit of garlic and add a squeeze of lemon.
•Hummus: Whether made from chickpeas or white beans, this healthful vegetarian spread has gone mainstream for good reason!
•Tapenade: Slather on this piquant mix of chopped olives, capers and anchovies.
•Salsas: From classic pico de gallo to daring habanero-pineapple, this sauce’ll add some sass.
•Avocado: Creamy enough to count, you can also mash it up with lime and salt to make guac.
•Chutney and jams: Yep, fruit wants to play, too. And a sweet counterpoint can actually enhance the savory.


•Savory Herb Butter—Blend finely chopped garlic, red onion and your favorite fresh herbs into softened butter.
•Tangy Yogurt Mustard—Mix lemon yogurt with a little Dijon mustard, dried thyme and freshly ground black pepper.
•Roasted Vegetable Spread—Finely chop roasted veggies and stir into mayonnaise with a little grated lemon peel and ground pepper.
•Giddyup BBQ Spread—Swirl minced chiles (in adobo sauce) and cilantro into your favorite bottled barbecue sauce.

Look forward to your daily go-to again—chances are you’ll discover some new favorites. From simple tweaks to bold leaps, a few easy substitutions can take lunch (or dinner) to another level.

YOUR TURN: What’s the most daring sandwich pairing you’ve dreamed up?