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A Knife Set for Every Cook in Your Life

A Knife Set for Every Cook in Your Life

In the kitchen, the term “one size fits all” is pretty accurate—anyone can use a cookie sheet or frying pan. But when it comes to knives, there’s a set for every skill level, and a few that fit every taste.

Just like babies crawl before they walk, home cooks should start with the fundamentals before graduating to sophisticated cutlery. Find out which knife set is right for a budding chef, a seasoned pro or the trendsetting foodie.


When learning how to safely handle a knife, it’s best to start with one that actually helps you learn the right way to hold it. To keep the knife, and you, focused on the food (and not your fingertips), the CHICAGO CUTLERY® DAMEN™ COLLECTION was designed with an innovative grip handle. It guides your hand into the perfect position so you’re the boss of the knife while cutting, chopping and mincing. The stainless steel blade is super-durable and will hold up like a champ as you practice different cutting techniques.

Perfect pick for:
• Beginning, first-time cooks to budding chefs
• Stocking a new kitchen
• Upgrading to serious kitchen knives


If you can brunoise and julienne with the ease of an Iron Chef, you’ll chop up a storm with CHICAGO CUTLERY® DESIGNPRO™ KNIVES. Made of high-quality, durable Japanese stainless steel, its ultrasharp blade makes cutting effortless. The innovative grip, which also will position your hand in the proper cutting position, will give you the control and precision to take on Mario Batali and Bobby Flay in a dicing battle any day.

Perfect for:
• Wannabe chefs
• Proficient to accomplished cooks and chefs
• Upgrading your kitchen to top-of-the-line tools


A colorful addition to the kitchens of novices and pros alike, CHICAGO CUTLERY® VIVID™ knives have soft nonslip handles that are extremely comfortable and secure. They’re perfect for big cutting jobs that get messy—anyone who’s ever cut up a lot of tomatoes knows how slippery it can get! Available in a rainbow of colors with colorful nonstick, stainless steel blades, these knives resist stains, rust and pitting—ideal for the stylish cook at any skill level.

Perfect for:
• Kitchen trendsetters
• Novice to highly skilled cooks
• Freshening up your kitchen style


Let us know which knife best fits your cutting style and skill level.