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Beyond the Beef: Turkey Burgers

Beyond the Beef: Turkey Burgers

While everyone loves a classic 100 percent pure-beef burger, there are a ton of crowd-pleasing options that are super simple to make and pack a juicy punch of flavor. Plus, many offer a bit of a healthier kick to boot!

Turkey is a great substitute for any beef lover, and when you make turkey burgers at home, the leaner cut of meat is actually a wise alternative to hamburgers that are high in fat. Not only is turkey meat lean, it’s also a wonderful source of protein and other nutrients like iron, potassium and vitamin B6.

One great advantage of ground turkey is that when seasoned and cooked well, the texture and taste are very similar to a traditional burger. Fact is, most people will love it! So why not try a juicy and delicious turkey burger at your next summer BBQ or fiesta? To get you started, try this ultimate turkey burger.



This turkey burger is the bomb. Layered and luscious, it’s assembled to perfection with the juicy burger topped with candied bacon and a mouthwatering Sriracha-avocado spread. Stacked on a pretzel roll, we think this one is a winner, winner turkey dinner!


  • When shopping for ground turkey, look for high-quality lean turkey made out of mostly white meat.
  • Choose your favorite seasoning mix and add it to the ground turkey, the same way you would a regular burger.
  • To keep turkey burgers from drying out while cooking, add a little Worcestershire sauce or olive oil to the mix so they stay moist.
  • Always add patties to a hot grill or skillet to sear the outside, locking in the flavor, and to make sure the burger keeps its shape.
  • Ideally you want to cook turkey burgers until the internal temperature reaches 165-170°F.