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Family Camping: Light and Easy Does It

Family Camping: Light and Easy Does It

On a camping trip, every inch and ounce counts. And more and more savvy campers tell us when it comes to saving space and weight, the attributes that make Corelle® dishware a great asset in the comfort of your kitchen make it just as well-suited for roughing it outdoors.
Hmmm…Corelle dishware in campers and RVs? At first blush, we know it sounds about as simpatico as wet matches and kindling. In a driving rainstorm. With bears. But hear us out.


A basic requirement of all camping gear. Thanks to a unique product called Vitrelle® glass, which is made with a proprietary mix of raw materials (including recycled Vitrelle glass—eco-bonus points!), Corelle dinnerware is as thin as fine china but significantly stronger. This innovative technology makes chip- and break-resistant Corelle dishware ultra-durable—and your new BFF for camping trips. (Still, don’t let your 5-year-old use it for a Frisbee!)
Because it’s lighter and thinner than typical plates, Corelle dishware takes up less space when stacked in your RV or camper, or packed in the back of a car or truck along with coolers, sleeping bags and other necessities. And even if you’ve only been camping once in your life, you know full well how easily those supplies can pile up!


Yep, still talking about camping (but not necessarily the campers). Stain-resistant Corelle dishes elegantly show off this savory campfire spaghetti courtesy of y Travel Blog, and then wash up beautifully—no trace left behind. And that’s something else to think about the next time you see a campsite dumpster overflowing with trash: By using Corelle, you reduce the use of paper plates and your carbon footprint.
So the next time you head out for a weekend at your favorite state park, think outside the kitchen cabinet and take your durable Corelle dinnerware along for the ride. With its space-saving stackability (and all-around good looks), dining on Corelle dishware will make your outdoor adventure that much better—just like these bonus camping tips:

BE PREPARED. Make batches of soup, stew or chili ahead of time and freeze. Easy to thaw and quick to reheat, they also last longer in coolers than raw meat.
NO-SCRUB ZONE. Rub pot and pan exteriors with bar soap. Any soot and ashes that accumulate will wash right off.
STRIKING IDEA. To keep matches dry, dip them in wax. To use them, just scratch the wax off a match head.
GRATE IDEA. Play it safe and bring your own cooking grate. Not every campsite has one, plus yours is more likely to be well-scrubbed and ready to go.
THE HEAT IS ON. To save time, heat up a pan of water over a campfire while you eat so it’s ready for washing dishes when you’re finished.
SWEET TALK. Marshmallows stick together in a bag like burrs on your pants; to keep them apart, mix them with powdered sugar.

Although prep, setup and cleanup are often the most work camping-wise, it’ll all be worth it when you’re lounging around the roaring fire gazing at the stars. Especially when you anticipate enjoying tomorrow morning’s pancakes and eggs on the knee-balancing comfort of sturdy Corelle plates. (Bonus: No syrup or yolk seeping through to your lap.)

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