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Making a New Tradition with Holiday Stitch Pattern

Making a New Tradition with Holiday Stitch Pattern

Everyone pitching in to make Grandpa K’s homemade pierogi. The kids opening “just one” present on Christmas Eve. Or taking time to slow down and doze off on the couch during the Thanksgiving football game on TV.

Each holiday season brings an array of traditions in my family, all of which form family bonds that connect generations.

The Corelle® team is honored to play a very small part in your holiday traditions. That’s why we decided this year to create a new holiday-inspired pattern to help serve up lasting memories. As the name implies, >Holiday Stitch is adorned with a beautiful stitch-work pattern in a green and red color palette. It has a festive, homemade crafty feel, which we absolutely love.

You may have noticed this too, but apparently the holiday season now starts the day after Labor Day. I guess it’s never too early to stock up on ornament-shaped gift tags!

However, I don’t think the Holiday Stitch pattern will make an appearance in our home until after Thanksgiving. That’s when I usually haul boxes of tangled lights out of the garage (another time-honored tradition). My wife will put up the “sometimes I work, but too bad you lost your receipt” pre-lit Christmas tree in the dining room. Then, the house begins to come alive with holiday excitement.

The kids’ chattiness about Santa’s visit ratchets up by the day. And, as tradition calls, after opening “just one” present on December 24, we’ll put out cookies and carrots for the jolly elf and his reindeer.

But this year, I think we’ll build on that tradition. Cookies and carrots, of course, but on one of our new Corelle Holiday Stitch plates.


What are your family’s favorite holiday traditions? Share the good, the bad, the funny—we’d love to hear about them and share them.