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Spicy Salute: Stars and Stripes Ambrosia Fruit Salad

Spicy Salute: Stars and Stripes Ambrosia Fruit Salad

Proper patriotic celebrations require proud splashes of red, white and blue everywhere, including the spread on the picnic table. Fourth of July flag cake? Been there, done that. Red and blue berry tart? Nope, not this time. Ready for something both nostalgic and new? We’ve got a delish fruit salad inspired by Old Glory that’ll refresh your guess and fill you with patriotic pride.


Full disclosure, this isn’t Grandma’s mild-mannered ambrosia. We’ve taken a retro favorite and added some twists for today’s more adventurous tastes. Anticipate fireworks on your palate this year as sweet whipped mascarpone and mango mingle with chiles and hot sauce for an explosion of flavor! GET THE RECIPE


  • You can substitute other fruits for the mango, grapes and pineapple; however, lighter-colored fruit will help keep the salad more neutral so that your fruit flag will visually pop. Serve in the CW BY CORNINGWARE™ 1.9-QT. Twilight Shallow Baker to accent with a deep blue hue, and each person can scoop up the perfect ratio of ambrosia salad to fruit topping.
  • Either use a combo of raspberries and small strawberries (or pick just one) for making your stripes, or reach for the stars! Slice thin slices of watermelon and cut out stars with a small star-shaped cookie cutter (available at cooking stores or online) or paring knife. You can also make star-shaped strawberries by doing the same thing with thin slices from large berries.
  • Here’s the 411 on keeping your festive fruit salad looking fresh: Let the cut fruit sit on a plate with paper towels for a while (or in a to-go container lined with paper towels if you are headed for another destination). The paper towels will soak up extra juice from the fruit, so it won’t run onto your ambrosia.

Honoring the old and the new with kicked-up classics is a sweet way to celebrate our freedom. Happy Fourth!

YOUR TURN: What is your favorite nostalgic summer-fresh dish?