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Throwback New Year’s Celebration

Throwback New Year’s Celebration

Reliving the past can be a blast! This year ditch the shiny glitter and sparkling disco ball, and ring in the New Year with a retro-themed bash. What better way to look forward to a fresh slate than by celebrating the best aspects of eras gone by?

We’ve rounded up some fun ways to re-create decades gone by, with party tips that’ll have you dusting off your dancing shoes, mastering on-point menus and stepping into the New Year with old-school style. All you have to do is pick a favorite party theme and start celebrating.


Dessert is always a classic! Impress your guests with this New Year’s Custard Clock. No matter the theme, it’s a sweet way to celebrate. This recipe uses PYREX® 6 OZ CUSTARD CUPS to create a super-quick, no-bake treat that makes a great addition to any end-of-year soiree.

YIELD: 12 servings
PREP TIME: 15 minutes
TOTAL TIME: 1 hour 15 minutes

3 cups whipping cream
12 oz bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup coffee-flavored liqueur
1 tablespoon vanilla
1 cup chocolate or vanilla frosting

  1. Pour whipping cream into a PYREX® 8 CUP MEASURING CUP. Microwave on High 3 to 4 minutes or just until cream begins to boil.
  2. Place chocolate and sugar in a blender. Carefully pour boiling cream into blender; cover and blend on low speed, slowly increasing the speed until chocolate is melted and mixture is frothy and smooth. Add liqueur and vanilla; blend 5 to 10 seconds longer.
  3. Use a spoon to skim and discard any foam from top of mixture. Pour 1/2 cup into each of 12 PYREX® 6 OZ CUSTARD CUPS. Cover with plastic wrap; refrigerate at least 1 hour.
  4. To serve, arrange custard cups in a circle on a large plate. Spoon frosting into a decorating bag fitted with #5 icing tip. Pipe the number “12” (or Roman numeral XII) on top of the topmost custard cup, then pipe numbers 1 to 11 on each of the additional cups to create a “custard clock.”

    Flavor Variations: Substitute any liqueur for the coffee-flavored liqueur. Orange, raspberry or amaretto all make delicious alternatives.


WWII saw some of the greatest heroes in American history. Why not celebrate the spirit of cooperation, ingenuity and hard work that defined this remarkable generation? Whether you’re hosting at home, or renting a space, it’s easy to decorate with wartime propaganda posters. There are hundreds of high-quality public images online that can be printed for free. Paste the images around your party room and blast some Big Band music for authenticity. You’ll have a dance floor full of eager beavers declaring this to be the finest killer-diller of the year!

  • SIGNATURE DISH. Turn a WWII sandwich standby into a party showstopper. Get tips on how to make your party a real gas by hosting a Grilled Cheese Grill-Off. Or, if you’re looking for something quick and easy to serve, check out these Epic Ways to Up Your Grilled Cheese Game. The Grilled Cheese Bakes are a perfect make-ahead party dish when prepped in PYREX® EASY GRAB® 3 QUART OBLONG BAKING DISH.
  • RAISE YOUR GLASS. Let one of the ’50s finest authors inspire your drinking. Shake up the famous Hemingway Daiquiri with a bit of rum, sugar, lime and ice, and raise your glass to toast tradition.
  • GET THE LOOK. Invite guests to arrive in era-inspired garb to really re-create the decade. Tuck a few photos of swing dance dames and pinstriped chaps into your party invitations to inspire costuming.
  • MEMORIES THAT LAST. Hire a dance instructor to give your guests a lesson in how to jitterbug or boogie-woogie and host a dance contest at the end of the night so everyone can showcase what they’ve learned. On a budget? Hire a college dance student to show everyone the basics.

Give your gang a swell shindig with a ’50s-themed sock hop! Defined by a booming economy and happy-go-lucky style, this decade is always fun to relive. Go all out with black, white and red soda-shop décor, vinyl record displays and jukebox tunes. You can find dozens of super-cute decorating tips online.

  • SIGNATURE DISH. When it comes to ’50s icons, diners top the list. Set up a concession stand with a snack-sized take on the American classic, burger and fries. Offer two-bite sliders and make French-fry shooters by pilings fries and a dollop of ketchup into the bottom of PYREX® 1 CUP SMALL ROUND BOWL. Craving dessert? Nothing says “ ’50s diner” like a homemade pie baked in a classic PYREX® FLAVOR SAVOR 9.5″ PIE PLATE. Get some Easy-As-Pie Ideas here.
  • RAISE YOUR GLASS. For an all-ages treat that’s fun and delicious, set up a Root Beer Float Stand with ice cream, soda and swirly straws. This is a great drink option if kids are coming to the party, and it can easily be adapted to an adult float by adding vanilla vodka or root beer schnapps.
  • GET THE LOOK. Pull out the poodle skirts and roll up those white tees! Guests will have a blast re-creating the classic look of this decade. Invite them to get inspired by the style icons of the era—Elvis, James Dean, Lucille Ball and Marilyn Monroe. Or encourage a rewatch of favorite ’50s flicks to really dial in those party duds.
  • MEMORIES THAT LAST. Give your guests extra reason to get gussied up by hosting a costume contest. Prepare them for a fashion parade and offer prizes for the most authentically dressed. You can even create a #hashtag for your event so everyone can share memories of the evening in one easy-to-find stream.

The 1960s was an exciting time of change and rebirth. Channel Woodstock and celebrate the best of the peace-and-love generation with a hippie-themed party. Go for tie-dye décor, peace signs and bright colors. You can even spring for some lava lamps to get everyone in a groovy mindset. Don’t forget that the music of the ’60s was truly a sign of the times. Artists like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and the Beatles gave a voice to the generation, so rock on!

  • SIGNATURE DISH. Onion dip was a huge hit in the 1960s. Serve this Greek Yogurt Caramelized Onion Dip in a PYREX® NO-LEAK LIDS™ 4-CUP ROUND STORAGE W/ RED LID. Available in three lid colors (red, blue and purple), Pyrex® serving platters do double-duty as decor, adding a pop of groovy hue to any party table. All you need now? A tie-dye tablecloth, of course!
  • RAISE YOUR GLASS. The aggressive marketing of vodka made the Bloody Mary a brunch menu mainstay in the ’60s. Get tips on how to Set Up the Ultimate Bloody Mary Bar and make your New Year’s toast one for the history books.
  • GET THE LOOK. Give your guests permission to get psychedelic! Ask them to attend in tie-dyes, free-flowing skirts and rainbow attire and you’ll have a room full of happy hippies!
  • MEMORIES THAT LAST. Rent a photo booth that prints out pics. They make a great take-home souvenir for party guests. On a budget? Set up a photo station with ’60s-themed props and create an event #hashtag for your party instead.

New Year’s Eve is a great time to celebrate the old and the new. With these fun party themes, we think you’ll find it easy to host a throwback bash that has everyone more excited about the New Year than ever before.