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Your New Favorite Recipe: Strawberry Banana Bread Muffins

Your New Favorite Recipe: Strawberry Banana Bread Muffins

Looking for a fun new way to serve up banana bread? We’ve got a delish recipe that’ll make breakfast, brunch and bake sale goodies the talk of the town. Whip up these fresh Strawberry Banana Bread Muffin cups with the help of Pyrex® bakeware for an exciting way to put a twist on the traditional.



When it comes to baked goods, our moist and delicious Strawberry Banana Bread Muffin Cups really take the cake! Baked in PYREX® 6 OZ RIMMED CUSTARD CUPS, these tantalizing tidbits are just the right size to leave guests craving seconds.


While muffins are great anytime and anyplace, there are definitely a few occasions where this recipe really shines. Hosting a baby shower or Barista Bar Brunch? These scrumptious sweets are the perfect complement to coffee drinks of all kinds. Pair them with your best espresso drinks for an outta-this-world pick-me-up. Or set these single-serving sweets out as casual weekend eats. They pair perfectly with the bitty breakfast dishes featured in Mug Shots: Big Breakfast Flavor in Smaller Sizes.

Whoever you’re trying to treat, you can’t go wrong with this exciting twist on tradition. Our Strawberry Banana Bread Muffin Cups are sure to please even the most discerning of breakfast and brunch aficionados.


  • THE RIGHT STUFF. Use the proper tools when whipping up this, or any recipe. PYREX®SMART ESSENTIALS® MIXING BOWLS are ideal for all of your mixing needs!
  • LIGHTEN UP. Want to ensure that your muffins turn out light and fluffy every time? Double-check that your baking soda and baking powder are fresh. If they’ve expired, they won’t do their job properly.
  • BRANCH OUT. Why stop at one delish batch of custard cup muffins? Get inspired by Muffin Mania All Day Long.