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Make Your Glassware Look Like New

Make Your Glassware Look Like New


Spring’s here and there’s nothing more satisfying than a kitchen that shines from top to bottom. And when we say “bottom,” we mean all the way back into the corners of your cupboards. If you’re like the rest of us, your most-loved bakeware has begun to lose its shine. Hiding somewhere in the recesses of your otherwise perfectly presentable kitchen are those favorite, but not-so-sparkly-anymore, Pyrex® baking dishes. No worries, though! We can help.

That’s right, it’s time to solve one of the most daunting dish dilemmas out there. How do you get glassware gleaming again after it’s been collecting greasy, grimy residue for ages? Before we let you in on our little secret, let’s go over some DIY glassware tidying tips worth skipping.


The Internet is an amazing place, filled with endless amounts of info. Unfortunately, you can’t rely on everything you read. Here are some DIY tips that didn’t stand up to the test:

  • Wimpy White Vinegar. We were surprised, too! This handy helper is usually a great weapon to have in your grime-busting arsenal. Unfortunately, it just didn’t do the trick on our glass pans. Save it for one of its many other uses.
  • Falls-Flat Foil. A ball of aluminum foil will outscour your sponge…or so the story goes. Sadly, this is nothing more than an urban legend. The foil flattens out, leaving you with little to no scrubbing action and a still-dingy glass pan.


Like anything else, it’s best to tackle the problem before your glassware gets overly cloudy, dingy or stained. But, if the damage is done, there’s one surefire way to bring your bakeware back from the dark side. This super-simple trick will get your glassware back in the game.

Combine the Classics.

Simply combine the grease-cutting power of dish soap with the rough texture of baking soda and voilà! You’ve got a stain-busting solution that’ll deep-clean even the dirtiest of pans. Apply the solution, soak and scrub. For max results with minimal elbow grease, use a white eraser cleaning sponge instead of a regular sponge. This is a handy how-to from The Former Mrs. Jones.


Of course, there’s more to taking care of your Pyrex glassware than making sure it looks great. Follow these super-easy steps to ensure you’re getting the best out of your bakeware.

When it comes to clean, one method is a clear winner. But you don’t have to take our word for it. When trying out fun new DIY tips and tricks you find online, be sure they align with the proper Pyrex use and care guidelines.