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Fun Holiday Food Activities for Kids

Fun Holiday Food Activities for Kids


Done right, Holiday parties can be the highlight of the year! Don’t miss an opportunity to help your kiddos and their classmates make memories that’ll last. This super simple DIY Cupcake Decorating Kit is a great way to get everyone in on the Holiday fun. Here’s how to pack and prep this easy-tote party idea:


The key to adorable Holiday treats that taste great is having a delicious base to start with. Whatever the occasion, starting with a simple, but tasty recipe is key to a successful Cupcake Decorating Kit.


The best way to include kids in the fun? Fill zip-top baggies with colored frosting for easy-to-pipe icing. They’ll love the chance to show off their decorating skills. Not to mention, teachers will love how this mess-free technique keeps their classroom neat and tidy.

  • Here’s How: Simply slide your zip-top baggies into a glass and fold down the edges. Then, fill with frosting. Remember, small bags will work best for tiny hands, and keep wasted frosting to a minimum. Line-up your home-made piping bags in the SNAPWARE® SNAP ‘N STACK® HOME STORAGE CONTAINER 12” x 12” for quick and easy transport. Once the party begins, just snip the tip and let the kids start decorating!

Kids really let their creativity shine when you give them the opportunity to make one-of-a-kind artwork. Just imagine what they’ll do when they get to eat that artwork afterward! Give them all the tools they need to make treats that are all their own.


Some youngsters are great at imagining super-fun ideas of their own. Others might need a gentle nudge in the right direction. Prepare some appropriately festive examples to get their creative juices flowing.

  • Here’s How: Brainstorm fun ideas either on your own, or with help from your tot. They’re usually eager to help! Then draw or print some of your favorites to share with the class. Here are some of our favorites:
    -Monster Marshmallows
    -Not So Scary Spiders
    -Candy Corn Turkeys
    -Strawberry Santa Hats
    -Sweet Mistletoe
    -Pretzel Reindeer
    -Easy Trees

One thing’s for sure, kids love holiday parties! And there’s no doubt that you’ll love being a part of that excitement. Whatever the occasion, this DIY Cupcake Decorating Kit is sure to please.

YOUR TURN: What are your favorite Holiday snacks to share with the kiddos?