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Room-by-Room Organizing Tips

Room-by-Room Organizing Tips

Clutter is so exhausting. Just the sound of the word brings angst. CLUT-TER!

Plus, it’s upsetting to come home to. It forces you to waste time looking for basic items. It can cause damage to your things as they rattle around the home, never quite landing in the right place. And it takes time to continuously try to eliminate it.

Armed with these smart organization tips, you can beat the clutter room by room and create a home where everything you need is organized and easy to find. Now, isn’t that a bit more calming?

Kitchen Organization
In the kitchen, nonperishables, gadgets, leftovers and cleaning tools can combine for the perfect storm of clutter. (There’s that word again!) Try these ideas for organizing kitchen central:

  • Pantry makeover: Here are ways to make quick work of a disorganized pantry mess.
    • Make a list of loose items, odd-shaped items and opened items that tend to spill and make a mess. Then purchase the right-size storage containers to fit the contents.
    • Snapware® Total Solution™ stackable containers save room in a cabinet or pantry, and they also keep food fresh. Plus, there’s no need to move everything around to find what you need when containers are see-through and can be labeled with any marker.
    • Transfer foods like sugar, flour, cereal and pasta to Snapware Fliptop Food Storage containers, or glass and plastic Airtight Canisters. These containers are designed to line up neatly and quickly bring organization to any situation.
    • Combine similar foods into one larger container. Create categories—like sweets, baking, rice, pastas—and collect in one container, making them easier to find.

TIP: All Snapware plastic containers can be labeled with any magic marker. If you want to change the label, just wipe it off with a soft cloth and label again.

  • Refresh the fridge: Take a new approach to organizing your refrigerator.
    • Keep only one bottle of ketchup, barbecue sauce, mustard and other condiments in the refrigerator. And, keep them organized on the door rather than taking up shelf space.
    • Place leftovers on one shelf, labeling them with the date. Snapware Total Solution food containers even have a place on each lid to write with any marker. When finished, just wipe off and label again. Organizing your leftovers will help you quickly find them rather than furiously moving things around on every shelf to finally locate last Friday’s pizza.
    • Pop and other drinks should go on the lowest shelf, keeping foods that need to be rotated often at eye level.
    • If you have more than one storage bin in your refrigerator, keep fruits and vegetables separate from meats and cheeses.
    • Food stays fresh in Snapware Total Solution containers. Use glass for foods that stain plastic, like tomato sauce. Use plastic containers for dry ingredients, lunches and transportables.
    • Total Solution containers stack neatly, making your fridge immediately feel larger and more organized.
  • Counter clutter: Use small plastic containers such as Snapware Snap N Stack®combos to corral those loose kitchen items like rubber bands, bag clips, corn-on-the-cob holders, pens and pencils. These can go either in a drawer or cabinet.
  • Under the sink: Take a peek under the sink. Then again, don’t! If your cabinet below the kitchen sink is packed with age-old cleaning supplies (literally everything plus the kitchen sink!), it’s time for a clean out.
    • Keep one extra of products you use regularly. Dispose of the rest properly.
    • Store extra sponges and dishwasher tabs in Snapware Snap N Stack containers for quick organization.

Bathroom Organization
Imagine how much easier cleaning the bathroom becomes without having to wade through toiletries on the counter and in the cabinets. Decluttering your bathroom is a great way to feel fresh and ready to go in the morning, too.

  • Cabinet and closet cleanliness. Designate a bin in the closet or under your cabinet that is a place for “extras.” You know, those common items you stock up on, such as soaps, toothpaste and bottles of shampoo or lotion. Snapware SmartStore® containers are ideal for these storage needs. Before a shopping trip, just check the bins’ inventory to see what needs restocking.
  • Don’t forget the little things. Snapware® Snap N Stack® containers are great for organizing little things like cotton swabs, hair clips and ties, makeup, cotton balls and other small incidentals.
  • Large bin to the rescue. Keep large items that take up lots of cabinet space (such as toilet paper, wipes, disposable cups) in a Smart Store® Home Storagebin. This can be placed in the garage or basement, providing more space for towels and other larger items.

Home Office Organization
“Put it in the office!” If you have one, how often have you heard that phrase?Home offices are a magnet for clutter. It’s the one easy place to hide things that just don’t seem to have a home. But, these tips may help you turn your home office back into a place for concentrated work.

  • Organize loose papers. Use Snapware Snap N Stack® organizers to keep papers and bills neat and sorted. You can organize by date or category, whatever works best for you.
  • Designate a recycle bin. Plenty of mail, often junk mail, comes through the home office. Don’t create stacks of worthless mail. Immediately recycle what’s not needed.
  • Control the cords. Use old toilet paper rolls to roll up all those miscellaneous cords hanging behind your desk. Label each one so you know what it goes to.
  • Tame the junk drawer. Small containers, like Snap N Stack storage, are perfect for paper clips, stamps, rubber bands, pens and pencils…all the things that makea drawer a junky mess.

Playroom Organization
If your house has little ones, there’s likely no place in more need of organization than the playroom.
Take this quick test—if you can’t walk across the floor without tripping, or stepping on who knows what, it’s time to do something about it! Bonus points if you get the kids involved in the process.

  • Tackle the small stuff. Use Snapware Snap ‘N Stack® containers for items like dice, cards, craft materials and action figures. Label the containers with marker so there’s no excuse for not putting things back.
  • Store similar items together. Sort all of your shelves, drawers or cabinets and keep like items in the same place. For example, board games of similar size on one shelf…smaller games in containers on another shelf. Place building blocks and sets sorted into their own containers so the pieces stay with the proper set. Snapware Smart Store® home storage containers come in a variety of sizes to give all those loose toys a proper home.
  • Hand-me-downs. Unfortunately, kids outgrow their toys long before most wear out. For young kids to age 7, set time aside every 6 months to clean out toys theyoutgrow or don’t have interest in. For older kids, make it a yearly project, and donate what isn’t used anymore to a charitable organization.

Even if you tackle just one room a week, you’ll find your home will quickly become more spacious and relaxing. Set up a regular rotation, and keeping clutter at bay will be easier than ever.
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