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DIY State Fair Eats and Treats

DIY State Fair Eats and Treats

Nothing screams summer like a paper plate full of State Fair foods in one hand and something funky on a stick in the other. Melt-in-your-mouth apple pies, fried funnel cakes and crispy corn dogs are reminders of childhood, or a favorite once-a-year noshing tradition.

And that’s just the food. What about the dusty walkways leading you to prized livestock, blue-ribbon winning jams and new gimmicks and gadgets for your kitchen? Ahhh, the State Fair. If only it wasn’t just once a year…

Good news! You don’t have to wait for the fair to roll into town to enjoy those classic nibbles. With Pyrex® glassware, you can actually knock off fair favorites in minutes, creating an at-home festival so fabulous, you’ll want to build a Ferris wheel in your backyard. Give these 5 incredible fair-inspired recipes a try. In less than an hour, you’ll be back at the fair without leaving home.


Hand-dipped corn dogs are a fair-time fave, but replicating them at home can be complicated and messy. This recipe makes it easy with minimal prep and zero headache. Skip the sticks and deep fryer and make this Cheesy Corn Dog Casserole from The Baker Mama. This version starts with mini corn dogs and bakes them into a delish one dish of fun.

Gotta Get It: PYREX® EASY GRAB® 8″ SQUARE BAKING DISH is a great match for this casserole, or super-size it with the PYREX® EASY GRAB® 2 QUART OBLONG BAKING DISH version.


If you can’t wait to grab a leg (or two…or three…) of award-winning buttermilk fried chicken from a State Fair chicken shack, you’re going to love this recipe for Peppery Buttermilk Oven-Fried Chicken. Seasoned to perfection, it cooks up with a crust so crispy and meat so tender, you’ll want to award this dish a blue ribbon for flavor. (Don’t tell any fair lover, but baked is better for you, too!)

Kitchen Must-Have: Prep this recipe ahead of time, then bake when ready in a PYREX® EASY GRAB® 3 QUART OBLONG BAKING DISH. It comes with a convenient plastic lid so you can tote your fair-inspired fare to parties, potlucks and picnics.


From street tacos to waffle love, food trucks are the heart and soul of summertime festivals. Instead of indulging in just one delicious bite, why not twist it up and enjoy two food truck trends at once? This Monte Cristo Grilled Cheese Bake takes the goodness of waffles and grilled cheese and melts them together into a single crave-your-face-off dish.


Aunt Betty and Cousin Mildred used to spend all day cooking their award-winning pies. But times have changed, and you don’t have enough minutes in your busy schedule to perfect blue-ribbon pastries.

Thankfully, you don’t have to wait for the fair to get home-cooked goodness. This Coconut-Meringue Topped Sweet Potato Pie is surprisingly simple to bake from scratch. Made in Pyrex glass bakeware, you can bet your pie will come out of the oven looking (and tasting) like a blue-ribbon winner.

Pantry Staple: The PYREX® BASICS 9” PIE PLATE offers stove-to-serving functionality, so your homemade pies will look beautiful right from the oven ’til the time they’re served.


Savor the flavor of small-town USA with this Old-Fashioned Pecan Pie recipe from Delish. Authentically simple and wonderfully rich, this classic Southern recipe may have been handed down through the generations, but it never gets old. Add it to your menu as a fine-tasting finale for your State Fair foods feast!

Oven-to-Table Tip: The Pyrex Easy Grab 9.5” Pie Plate has a fluted rim so you can easily create a crimped-edge pie crust. Simply press the crust over the edge of the fluted rim, then bake and serve. Who knew it was so easy to be so stylish?