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Turn Favorite Recipes into Holiday Gifts

Turn Favorite Recipes into Holiday Gifts

Let your heart and your taste buds inspire what you give this holiday season. Choose a favorite recipe as your starting point, then gather the tools needed to make it and put it all together to make a sweet (or savory) gift.

We’ve assembled a collection of fun ideas for the different kinds of people who may be on your list, along with tips for creating deliciously personalized gift baskets that’ll enrich their kitchens and appeal to their appetites.


Give an aspiring baker an excuse to impress the whole family with a do-it-yourself bread kit.

  • Cheese lovers will melt for this buttery Parmesan pull-apart bread from Nutmeg Notebook. Fill a PYREX PORTABLES EASY GRABTM 3 QT. OBLONG BAKING DISH with a package of biscuit dough, a wedge of Parmesan cheese, spices and a printout of the recipe.
  • For a sweet tooth, do the same with your favorite monkey bread recipe and include a 4-pack of PYREX® 10 OUNCE CUSTARD CUPS for dipping the delicious pieces, with a jar of premixed cinnamon-sugar, a wooden spoon and the recipe card.


Choose recipes that give experienced cooks creative culinary license or tempt them to stretch their skills.

  • Confident chefs will love experimenting with personalized spice blends. Offer your own suggestions or check out our recipes for easy seasoning mixes. Package a few different mixes in labeled Pyrex 1-cup storage containers to create a sampler assortment.
  • Let expert bakers rise to the occasion with a gift of sourdough starter, which adds layers of tang to any homemade bread. Present the starter in a PYREX 4-QT. MIXING BOWL with a recipe for a rustic sourdough bread, a jar of jam and a block of natural Irish butter.


With winter finals, cafeteria food and no kitchen to call their own, college students will appreciate an edible version of holiday cheer. Create a dorm room-friendly care package with easy-to-make items like hot chocolate mix (homemade or store-bought), a couple of bags of microwave popcorn, and a variety of sweet and salty treats.


Cooking is really an act of love, so what better way to celebrate and inspire new couples? Start at the beginning (of the day) and offer up your favorite homemade pancake mix plus recipe. Package it with a bottle of real maple syrup, a pretty hand towel and a spatula, and arrange it all in the durable and generously sized PYREX 8-CUP MEASURING CUP WITH RED LID.


Which is pretty much anyone, right? For the hard-to-buy-for, those you don’t know as well or a great last-minute idea, put together a PYREX EASY GRABTM PIE PLATE WITH DECORATIVE METAL BASKET, a couple of to-die-for pie recipes and suggestions, spices and a pie server.


  • Handwrite the recipe card and include your personal cooking tips, such as smart variations on a favorite family recipe.
  • Personalize the gift further by creating a theme, such as a pasta kit for Italian food lovers, or an assortment of Provençal herbs for a Francophile.
  • Take care when assembling your gift basket, adding protective packing material if you’re transporting the kit and tissue paper for cushioning.

Presentation counts, too! You’ve taken the time to come up with the contents, so spend a few minutes making it all look special. If the items don’t fit in the baking dish or mixing bowl, put them all together in baskets, tins or other decorative containers (use cellophane wrap if needed). Add flourish by adorning with embellished tags or labels, and wrap it all up with colorful ribbons, rustic raffia or natural twine. And then cross your fingers that someone else was inspired to give you the same kind of gift!

YOUR TURN: What are your favorite holiday food gifts to present to family and friends?