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10 Ways to Maximize Decoration Storage Using Common Household Items!

10 Ways to Maximize Decoration Storage Using Common Household Items!

Some people are natural-born organizational geniuses. They can look at a simple cardboard box and come up with a dozen different ways to put it to use. Give them a label maker and they’ll be busy for days.

Then there are the rest of us. Sure, we know how to put stuff in a box…yet somehow all that stuff never quite fits and, without fail, at least one thing ends up broken in the stuffing process.

But there’s good news: Organizational skills can be learned! And you don’t need to study hard or spend a lot to master the art. The holiday season is a great time to begin, especially since you can put your newfound skills to work when it’s time to pack up garland, lights, ornaments, seasonal figurines and more. All you need to become an organizing master is a few tried-and-true SnapWare® containers, combined with some household items you probably already have on hand and the ideas we’ve outlined here. You’ll get the hang of it in no time!

Recycle, reuse, repurpose

What do a pill sorter, a stack of plastic cups and an empty paper towel roll have in common? They’re all simple, space-saving organizational solutions or hacks that turn holiday decoration storage from mess to yes! Use them in combination with the large Snapware® Ornament Keeper to create an efficient tree decoration kit. Or tuck your improvised household organizers into several Snapware® Smart Store® Home Storage Containers to store, protect and sort your items, then stack three to four high on a shelf. See? You’ll be an organizational pro in a snap.

Let’s take a closer look at items you already have at home and how you can make them work for you in a clever new way:

  1. Pill sorter. Tuck ornament hooks, spare light bulbs and fuses into the different one-day-at-a-time compartments. When you need one later on, they’ll be easy to find. Leftover pill bottles can also do the job, and the kid-safe cap will keep little fingers safe and stop them from playing with the breakable items.
  2. Cardboard paper towel roll. If you dread decorating with lights because the tangled ball of strings is such a nightmare, this is the solution for you! Make a ½-inch cut on the end of a paper towel roll and then tuck one end of the light string into the notch. Now wrap the string around the roll, evenly distributing it along the length of cardboard. Finish by making another slit into the cardboard and tucking the free end of the string into it. Your lights will be tidy and secure until you need them next year.
  3. Egg carton. Just right for little things like bulbs and small glass balls, egg cartons provide 12 perfect nesting spots to keep your delicates safe. For added protection, wrap a layer of tissue paper around each item first. Another bonus: egg cartons are stackable, so you can securely layer them in your SnapWare® Smart Store® Home Storage Container and make the most of every inch.
  4. Plastic cups. Like the egg carton, disposable cups lined up side by side in your Snapware® Smart Store® Home Storage Containers are a great way to store all sorts of decorations, ribbons, bows and more. For added durability, glue the cups to a piece of cardboard cut to the size of your box and then position the cup-covered board inside the box. Plastic cups are strong enough to hold up another layer of cardboard and cups, maximizing space. If you are using a Snapware® Ornament Keeper, which comes with handy cardboard dividers, you can nestle your most fragile glass tree trims inside the cups for added protection, then tuck the cups into the cardboard sections.
  5. Plastic fruit container. What once held grapes, berries and other fruits are great containers to keep ornaments and decorations safe. Big enough to hold larger figurines and glass balls and keep them safe from bumps and breaks, they’re a great option when items are too big for an egg carton or plastic cup. Bonus feature: the see-through plastic makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. Then stack them all safely in your larger home storage containers for the shelves!
  6. Cardboard cup carrier. When sandwiched between two cup carriers, oversized or oddly shaped decorations will be protected by the cardboard. A string of specialty bulb lights can also be carefully wound inside two carriers to keep them from breaking.
  7. Wooden drying rack. More of an assistant in the process, as you empty (and later fill) your boxes of decorations, hang and sort all your ornaments on the dowel rods before you put them on the tree or around the house. This will give you a chance to consider the shape, size and weight of each so that they can be evenly distributed. You can also set up a durable ornaments rack, keeping the delicate heirlooms off the ground and out of the reach of small kids and pets while you hang. Similarly, drape strings of lights on each rod to prevent them from becoming a tangled mess.
  8. Canisters. Keep sparkly tinsel from shedding all over everything by tucking it into its own canister. You can also use these canisters and smaller craft storage containers to sort ribbons, bows, tape and gift tags, and organize them inside other larger bins and totes, or simply place them on the shelves. The hard exterior will keep the contents from getting crushed by heavier items.
  9. Bread bag tags. During the year, set aside the hard plastic tags that are often used to tie bags of bread. Then, when you wrap up a string of lights, attach one of these handy little tabs to the end, labeling it with the number of feet or where you use the lights. Next time you use the string, you’ll know exactly where to use it.
  10. Silica gel packets. Often ignored, these little packets at the bottom of your aspirin bottle are designed to absorb moisture and keep your medicine dry. When tossed into your boxes of beloved decorations, they’ll keep the contents dry during the off-season. This is especially helpful for preserving homemade treasures like a child’s festive pasta angel ornament.

YOUR TURN: What do you use to organize and store your decorations?