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Have a Beach Bash: How to Make Your Beach Day the Best Ever

Have a Beach Bash: How to Make Your Beach Day the Best Ever

Everyone loves a little fun in the sun, and a day in the water and sand makes for an ideal getaway. Whether you’re with the entire family, a couple of friends or flying solo, hanging out at the beach is even better when you show up prepared.

Packing smart and getting ahead can help you avoid cutting the day short due to preventable illness, injury or major hunger pangs! Here are some easy tips to ensure that your sea or lakeside adventure is nothing but smooth sailing.


You can buy a premade version, but it’s also easy (and cheaper!) to create your own. Use a SNAPWARE ® SNAP N’ STACK® container to build a beach-specific safety kit. Check out these tips from Emily at Abide With Me to learn the basics, and then add your own know-how to fill in the details.


Every parent knows that kids are super quick and can disappear in the blink of an eye, so it’s important to be ultra-vigilant at the beach. If your child does manage to slip away, look downwind! More often than not, small children will follow the path of least resistance and go in the direction the wind takes them. Or think sweet thoughts, as they might have gravitated to the ice cream truck or concessions stand. Don’t hesitate to get help.


Getting a tan still holds appeal for some, but too much sun can actually make you sick. Watch for confusion, dizziness, fatigue, headache, muscle cramps or weakness, pale skin, swelling of the face or hands, and rapid heartbeat. These symptoms can be a sign of heat exhaustion, heat stroke or sun poisoning. Also be on guard for skin redness, blistering, pain or tingling, or fever and chills, as these can be indicators as well. Stay cool, keep hydrated and pay close attention, especially to children, as they can be affected more quickly. Plus, don’t forget to reapply sunscreen as directed on packaging.


Spending all day in the sun can be tiring. Keep everyone’s energy up by packing healthful and easily accessible snacks and meals.

    • PREMADE AND PORTABLE. Make sandwiches in the morning and bring them along in SNAPWARE SNAP N’ STACK FOOD STORAGE CONTAINERS. They double as plates and keep sand out better than plastic bags. Slice and dice veggies and tote them along as well. Just make sure to keep them fresh in a cooler of ice, if your sammies have meat, mayonnaise or other ingredients that could spoil.
    • HEALTHY AND HYDRATING. Sweet summer fruits makes for a tasty sunny-day snack, thanks to the higher water content, but the noshing can get a bit tricky (and sticky). Make it easier by cutting fruit into chunks and skewering or bringing along plastic or wooden skewers to avoid dealing with paper plates and plastic utensils.
    • FIRE UP THE FLAVOR. Grilling at the beach makes for a fun and delish meal. Basic burgers are a no-brainer, but marinated meat kicks things up a notch. Avoid spilling or springing a leak by transporting it in SNAPWARE 4.5 CUP RECTANGLE AIRTIGHT FOOD STORAGE CONTAINERS. Pop into Kayln’s Kitchen®.

The feeling of sand between your toes is great while you’re at the beach, but in the car and house it can be far less appealing. At the end of the day, there are bound to be dirty or sandy toys, towels and supplies. To keep your vehicle clean(er), simply shake or rinse and pack them up in a couple of SNAPWARE® SMART STORE® 16″ X 9″ HOME STORAGE CONTAINERS. Handles make them easy to carry, and durable snap-tight lids keep items clean.


If there isn’t a convenient faucet to rinse off with, you can use baby powder to help get rid of clinging sand. Simply pour out a generous amount and rub down your feet and calves before getting into the car. The powder will help absorb moisture, and the sand will simply fall away.


Now that we’ve dealt with your feet and floors, we also should make an effort to keep our beaches clean. (No, that’s not an oxymoron!)

      • Bring reusable containers for foods and drinks. Plastic water bottles and chip bags are easily picked up by the wind and blown into the water.
      • Try a biodegradable sunscreen—it’ll help protect the water’s delicate ecosystem!
      • Make it your mission to pick up 5 or 10 additional pieces of trash each time you visit. Your small gesture will add up over time, especially if others join in.

A day at the beach can be a spontaneous treat, too, since prep and packing don’t have to take up a lot of time. Or take that tip on packing a first aid kit and turn it into a beach-day kit—stash a couple beach towels, a few portable snacks and a jug of icy water in the back of your car. Toss in a guilty-pleasure book, a plastic bucket and maybe a Frisbee, and you might just consider a day at the beach a little more often.

YOUR TURN: What are your beach-day essentials and tips?