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Road Test: Smart Store Solutions for Home

Road Test: Smart Store Solutions for Home

SNAPWARE® ROAD TESTER: Cris Zaragozaof My Fashion Juice

SNAPWARE® PRODUCT (Coming Soon!):Snapware® Smart Store with Caddy and Trays


  • Beauty and makeup organizing
  • Extra tool storage in the garage or car
  • Craft supply organization

BIGGEST SURPRISE: It’s the gift that keeps on giving when used as a gift box or care package container.

PRODUCT HACKS: While the Snapware® Smart Store containers are great as an all-around storage solution, they are the perfect containers for gifts, and much more appreciated over cardboard boxes. You can create a care package or fill it for guests with little essentials they need for a visit.

WHAT YOU’LL WANT TO KNOW: All pieces are dishwasher-safe, so they’re easy to clean. The lock latches snap tight. Just push the snap-lock latch from the outer side and it locks perfectly in place.

Using the Snapware® Smart Store containers for 30 days was a perfect excuse and motivator for me to, well, organize. I was able to store all kinds of things and keep them neat and, even better, visible. It was much easier to find things because Snapware’s Smart Store containers are nearly transparent. At the same time, they were out of sight from my formerly cluttered desks and counter tops. Definitely a win-win.


I loved using the Snapware Smart Store containers for extra tools, crafts and as a handy makeup caddy. But they are also perfect for any business owner to keep supplies, papers, office supplies and more—the stuff that often gets away from you on a daily basis.

As a professional blogger, I also used it to keep supplies that I use for styling photos and taking photographs. But my most favorite creative use for these Smart Store containers is how I turned one into a “guest-essentials pack.”


With family and friends from different states, we have guests staying with us constantly. When we do, I try my best to make them feel at home. I prepare new bed sheets, clean towels and toiletries they may need or have forgotten to bring. So, to make my work easier, I pulled together a guest-essentials pack in a Snapware Smart Store container. That way, I’m ready anytime our family or friends decide to visit!

No longer do I have to rummage through the closet to find our good guest towels and sheets. Or track down those extra toiletries and essentials that our guests might need. Why go through that every time we have guests?

Now, I have a guest-designated Snapware Smart Store container that neatly packs away until needed. I folded and rolled two bath towels and stored them in the lower compartment. Then I placed toiletries like toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash, cotton buds, shampoo and conditioner, lotion, soap and a face towel in the top caddy. I finished it off with a printed-out tag so guests can see freely that they can use any of these supplies during their stay.

When not in use, I simply slide the Snapware Smart Store container underneath the bed and out of sight. Then, I simply set it on top of the bed when welcoming guests to our place.


Overall, I’m very happy with the Snapware Smart Store containers. Throughout the 30-day road test, I’ve evaluated the storage containers with this in mind:

Durability – Snapware Smart Store containers are really durable. After being used outdoors and indoors, moved many times and stacked on top of each other, they still look like new after 30 days of continuous use. These are unlike other flimsy storage containers out in the market that have a tendency to crack or break after a few uses.
Quality – Quality seems to drive the durability of Snapware Smart Store containers. The plastic is really solid and easy to see through. You never have to guess what’s inside. The material is BPA-free, another plus. At the same time, they’re easy to clean because all parts of the containers are dishwasher safe.
Economy – These Snapware Smart Store containers are priced average to a little higher than the cheapest ones in the market, but for good reason. They are more durable than those light and flimsy plastic storage solutions out there.
Portability – The Snapware Smart Store containers offer more portability than storage cubbies and shelving. They can be stacked to organize your supplies at home, and you can also take one with you anywhere and anytime easily, especially those with a convenient fold-down handle on top.