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Road Test: Snapware® Canisters

Road Test: Snapware® Canisters

SNAPWARE® ROAD TESTER: Kristy Still of Mommy Hates Cooking


Securely storing flour and sugar
Snack storage for pantry items
Easy pantry organization

BIGGEST SURPRISE: I was surprised to learn the lids are secure enough to keep foods like popcorn or cereal from becoming stale.

PRODUCT HACKS: Because they come in so many sizes, these products aren’t just great for food
storage, but they’re also useful for bathroom and office storage.

WHAT YOU’LL WANT TO KNOW: The unique plastic keeps these containers from staining and absorbing odors. This also means these Snapware® canisters are hand-wash only, they are not dishwasher safe. If washed in the dishwasher, the product can be ruined.

My home has a very small pantry with just a few shelves. We hope to one day extend the pantry, but for now—organization is key. This past month, the Snapware brand team asked if I’d put their SNAPWARE® AIRTIGHT SQUARE CANISTERS to a real-life product road test. I was in! I knew these containers would allow me to streamline our pantry and countertops, freeing up space and getting seriously organized.

The great thing about these containers is you can use them in many areas of your home. With so many sizes available, these canisters are incredibly versatile. They’re great for storing food, snacks, office supplies, collections of small items (like cotton balls, lipstick or fingernail polish) and are ideal for holding hard-to-organize trinkets like bracelets and rings.


I was skeptical about storing foods like popcorn and cereal in the SNAPWARE® AIRTIGHT SQUARE CANISTERS. Lots of pantry foods can be tricky to store because you tend to keep them around for a long time. Would the lids really keep those foods fresh?

I was impressed to find the Snapware canister seals are so tight, they actually keep stored products from spilling PLUS they keep foods as fresh as if I’d just poured them from new boxes. I also feel safe knowing that no pests can niggle their way into these airtight containers.

We tested these out for several days and they did, in fact, hold up to the freshness factor. Our chips and cereal tasted just as good on day 30 as they had on day 1.

I love knowing the plastic canisters are shatter proof. I’m terrible about dropping items on the floor while I cook. My toddler often helps me in the kitchen, so it’s not unusual for storage containers to fall from countertops and cupboards. Now I can rest assured my storage containers will remain intact.

Another handy perk, the canisters and lids are large enough to accommodate scoops. I started storing my flour and sugar in the larger containers and could easily fit a scoop through the lid. It made it so easy to measure baking ingredients without making a mess. I actually store my flour in the freezer and loved learning these containers are freezer-safe.

I tried storing ground coffee in the smaller canisters and was delighted to find a simple way to keep grounds consistently fresh. I’ve now placed the container of coffee (with a little scoop inside) next to my mugs, so everything for a morning cup o’ Joe is easily accessible. It’s like having my own DIY barista bar!

Why It Works: The seal on Snapware canisters is actually a patented design, which seals around a silicone gasket. This creates an airtight container, so food really does stay fresher longer when stored in the canisters.


I am in love with these SNAPWARE® AIRTIGHT SQUARE CANISTERS! From the tight-seal lids to the simple see-through storage and total freshness factor, these canisters are a storage must-have.

Being able to use these canisters has freed up so much space in my small pantry, it no longer feels as small as it once did. We will be buying even more Snapware containers because I keep finding things I want to organize now!


Snapware plastic canisters have been thoughtfully created to stay stain-free and odor-free. This makes the containers so simple to clean. A quick wash with soap and water, then towel-dry and they’re ready to reuse. Because odors don’t stick to the plastic, you can refill in any way you please. You’ll never know what was stored in there before!

NOTE: Remember not to put the actual canister in the dishwasher. With its special odor-resistant plastic, it is hand-washable only.


I absolutely love the SNAPWARE® AIRTIGHT SQUARE CANISTERS. I was impressed with the quality and loved being able to easily organize my pantry while knowing stored foods would stay fresh.

We are so happy with them; we plan to purchase even more canisters so we can completely redo our pantry organization system!