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Take 10 and Get Organized

Take 10 and Get Organized

E-mail, phone calls, appointments, bills, cleaning, cooking, shopping, other errands and activities. Kids, pets, spouses. And you! All need to be taken care of on a daily basis, and somehow fit in before, after and often during the workday. And to keep your sanity, in an organized and efficient way.

But warm-weather fun, longer days and August vacations have a way of taking their toll on any system we might have in place during the school year. By the time we wrap up summer and get the kids back on the bus, our to-do lists have taken a hiatus and clutter has crept up on us. Time to get back into the routine! Or adopt a new one. Got an hour? We’ve got six smart 10-minute organization hacks that’ll help you restore order in a manageable manner.


First, take 10 to organize what’s in your head. Jot down what you want to do today, this week and this month. Separating tasks into short- and longer-term projects will help you prioritize, and seeing things written down will make the abstract actionable and give you a better sense of control.


Start with an easy-to-carry container, like one from the SNAPWARE® SMART STORE® HOME STORAGE COLLECTION. Going room-by-room, make a quick sweep through and toss everything that doesn’t belong in that room into your container. When you’ve finished with a room, move onto the next, leaving the items that belong there and gathering those that don’t. You should end in the room where you started.

TIP: To avoid getting bogged down with putting things away, set a timer for 10 minutes and make it a race.


Focus on the physical first and clear the clutter around your desk. Do a quick “read, file or toss” division of paperwork. If supplies are scattered about, corral them in a small clear container like the SNAPWARE® SNAP STACK® HOME STORAGE 6 x 6 SQUARE.


Tackle that negative area under the bathroom and kitchen sinks. Give it a quick wipe down and then group cleaning items like sponges, scrapers, scrubbies and supplies in a clear container like the SNAPWARE® SMART STORE® 12 x 6 HOME STORAGE CONTAINER. In the bathroom, this is also a good place to keep the little extras, like soap and toothbrushes. Stash in the slim SNAPWARE® SMART STORE® 12 x 3 HOME STORAGE CONTAINER, which slides into tight areas with ease.


Those little objects that clutter up countertops, or worse, get swept all together into the chaos of a junk drawer? Easy to take on in 10. From extra chargers to coupons to spare change, simply group like with like and give them a proper home in small containers, baskets or a dedicated divided drawer. They’ll be easier to find that way, too.


Depending on the closet—and family member—organizing the whole thing might be an hours-long task. But a speedy sorting-through of shoes, accessories or playthings can be done in your 10-minute time frame. Pair up footwear, attach adhesive-backed hooks to doors for hanging purses, scarves or belts, and toss toys into SNAPWARE® HOME STORAGE CONTAINERS. As for clothing on the floor, you could go ahead and rehang or refold—or simply choose the “remind” technique!

Now it’s time for one more 10-minute task. You’ve had a busy hour, but this one might be the most important: Take 10 for you. Find your favorite comfy spot and sit down and put your feet up. Set another timer if you have to, but don’t move. Just relax and allow yourself to enjoy what you’ve accomplished. Balance is the key to effective productivity, and besides, you’ll be onto something else soon enough!