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Baker’s Secret Gift Exchange

Baker’s Secret Gift Exchange

Across cultures, generations and traditions, sharing love through food is universally irresistible. This holiday season, forget about the latest tech gadgets and get more personalized than gift cards by cooking up your gifts—literally!

Show how much you care by baking your favorite cake or bread, cooking a big batch of your famous lasagna (who wouldn’t appreciate a meal or two during this busy time of year?) or assembling a gift basket filled with all the things needed for making a favorite recipe.

Make the gift both delicious and useful all year long by packaging homemade goodies with nonstick Baker’s Secret® bakeware that will keep on giving all year long.


The No. 1 benefit of cooking your gifts: One size fits all. And that means no returns or endless trips to the mall.
Rather than coming up with a different gift for each person on your list, save time by making the same delicious recipe for everyone on your list. Here are some shortcuts:

• Buy some Baker’s Secret® 9″ X 13″ Pans or Baker’s Secret® Loaf Pans, then cook your recipe several times over a few days. It beats the lines and traffic at the mall!
• Lasagna and casseroles for quick heat-n-serve weeknight meals are a big hit. Include the Baker’s Secret® 9″ X 13″ Pan as part of your gift!
• Who doesn’t appreciate an unexpected treat like cookies, bars, cupcakes or muffins? There is a Baker’s Secret pan to fit every recipe.
• Get kids involved by divvying up the duties. Crank up the Christmas carols and make it a fun seasonal project for the whole family. (Just try not to fight over who licks the beaters!)


If time is tight, skip the baking or cooking and pick a favorite recipe to share with the bakeware used to make it. Fill a basket with gadgets or new baking tools (who doesn’t love that!) and nonperishable ingredients needed to complete the recipe.
For example, include your favorite cake recipe, two Baker’s Secret® 9″ Round Cake Pans, a Baker’s Secret® Icing Spatula and all the dry ingredients premeasured to match your recipe. All the lucky person on the receiving end will need to do is add eggs, butter and milk.
Print out the recipe on pretty paper and you have a lovely ready-made gift that is as practical as it is tasty.


One more perk of baked gifts—no wrapping needed!
Tie on a pretty ribbon, tuck in a spatula or measuring spoons and attach the recipe. Voilà!
As a bonus, your gift will have that irresistible, home-baked aroma.


Have a great idea for gifts from the kitchen? We’d love to hear about them…share your ideas in the comments below.