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Tall, Dark and Handsome: The NEW ProHold Two-Block Set

Tall, Dark and Handsome: The NEW ProHold Two-Block Set

Good enough is good enough for some… but not the Chicago Cutlery® brand.

Like Michael Eisner, former Disney CEO, said, “There’s no good idea that cannot be improved on.” Always seeking opportunities to innovate, Chicago Cutlery brand has found new ways to make their ProHoldTM knife collection even better. From blade to block, ProHold knives have their sights set on innovating your standard knife-block set into something special.


A durable, sharp blade is great. But Chicago Cutlery designers looked to improve on their already superior knives with the ProHold knife’s innovative grip that guides your hand to the perfect cutting position, giving you superior control so you can make precision cuts like a pro.

Why stop there? Chicago Cutlery brand also added a nonstick coating to this beautiful blade. Chopping, slicing and dicing are now effortless, thanks to the enhanced professional-quality, stainless steel blade’s black nonstick coating. Your food won’t stick to the blade as you slice and the sleek, contemporary design looks as good as it cuts!


Innovation doesn’t end with the knife blade and grip—even the protective wood block has been more than improved. It really is groundbreaking.

How do you make a knife block different from all others? By making it multitask. The Chicago Cutlery ProHold knife block is actually two blocks in one.

The first holds six professional-quality knives:
• 8-inch bread knife
• 8-inch chef knife
• 3.5-inch paring knife
• Peeler
• 5-inch Santoku knife
• 4.5-inch utility knife

The second block, which neatly rests within the larger block, holds six steak knives. Not only will it save prime drawer space, it’s made to easily separate so you can safely take the steak knife block with you to the backyard for a cookout, or to the dining room table.

Home cooks will also appreciate the innovative space-saving steak knife storage block because it will beautifully complement contemporary or traditional kitchen décor.

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