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What’s in a Name

What’s in a Name

Naming a new Corelle® dinnerware pattern is a lot like naming your child. It’s a lot of fun, but it can also be a daunting task, requiring a great deal of thought and emotional energy.

Honestly, that’s no exaggeration, considering how much our team loves this product. Plus, we’re all aware the name will follow the pattern for life, so the pressure is on.

More than 1,900 times, someone has sat down and said, “What are we going to call this new pattern?” Yes, 1,900 patterns have been developed for Corelle since our launch in 1970.

What was the first Corelle pattern? Winter Frost White. Now that’s staying power, as it’s still one of our most popular. So let’s start there.

Variety Is the Spice
While parents often name children after their grandparents, that approach doesn’t always work for Corelle. After all, not every plate is white. There are florals and geometrics, swoops and swirls, and even an occasional rooster—in all shapes, colors and sizes. Each pattern has a unique personality and requires a unique name. But not too unique. Again, this name will follow the pattern for life.

The name can’t be too long, as there’s only so much space on the packaging. Bonus points for using alliteration. Double-bonus points for being witty. Triple-bonus points if you can somehow name it after your own child or significant other.

It’s more art than science, and remember, you can always phone a friend. In fact, I’ve found it helps to ask everyone I work with. And definitely familiarize yourself with a thesaurus, because you’re going to need a lot of adjectives that describe a lovely watercolor leaf.

Give It a Test-Drive
Once you think you’re getting close, say it out loud 50 times. If you still like it, you’re almost there. There’s an estimated 400,000 dinnerware patterns in the world—make sure your legal team thinks your new name is unique and different. Oh, and one last detail…everyone who may buy dinnerware in the next 10 years should love it.