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Casserole Dishes and Bakeware for the Modern Cook

Casserole Dishes and Bakeware for the Modern Cook

CorningWare® French White® Bakeware

To improve on a timeless kitchen classic like CORNINGWARE® FRENCH WHITE® BAKEWARE is no small feat. After all, how do you top the familiar chip-, scratch- and stain-resistant stoneware dishes with the distinctive see-through glass lids—a kitchen mainstay for generations?

The answer lies within a series of innovations that make trustworthy CorningWare® bakeware even more versatile than ever, as well as more contemporary. Warning: This is not your mother’s or grandmother’s CorningWare®.

Whether you’re an aspiring cook with little culinary experience—and time—or a savvy veteran who knows her way around a kitchen, you’re bound to love the following enhancements that make this next generation of tried-and-true CorningWare® bakeware a new modern classic:

  1. Glass Lids

    Redesigned glass lids that make it easier than ever to see what’s inside your CorningWare® dish—and with a beautiful style to complement any table. The lids are lighter, too, which makes baking that much simpler.

  2. Handles

    Handles on our core baking dishes that make baking and serving meals more comfortable.

  3. Plastic Lids

    Reimagined plastic storage lids that don’t squash your food—and still convert CorningWare® into an indispensable triple-threat kitchen tool: from oven to table to refrigerator. Fewer dishes means less stress and mess!

  4. More Variety

    Additional pieces such as platters, small individual baking dishes and mini pie plates —that bring CorningWare® bakeware’s everyday elegance and versatility to more aspects of your baking.

  5. Nesting

    More dishes with nesting capability, which makes storing and retrieving CorningWare® a snap. At the same time, this saves precious cupboard space and keeps your bakeware better organized.

A simple concept led to the development of these innovations: Listening to customers’ needs and aspirations. We heard you loud and clear, and the result is ingenious bakeware that fits your lifestyle to a T.

The refreshed CorningWare® line of bakeware allows you to make meals ahead of time and store them with confidence. Simply heat them up for super-fast, super-easy dinners during busy weeknights. Then just store those leftovers for quick, reheat-and-eat meals —all in one high-quality baking dish.

The redesigned line of CorningWare® bakeware: So easy. So reliable. So comfortingly familiar—but with modern twists to make baking easier and give you more time to do the things you love.