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Portables Combine Food and Fashion

Portables Combine Food and Fashion

When Pyrex® upgraded its popular portable bakeware line, designers adopted a simple mindset: Fashionable and functional are a winning combination.

That explains why the cook-and-carry Pyrex Portables are both pretty and practical—the culinary equivalent of that favorite little black dress in your closet.

On the practical side, consider these features:

• Pyrex® Easy Grab™ baking dishes that feature a hole in each handle for optimum carry-ability.

• A temperature-control gel bag that keep hot dishes warm (for your favorite casserole) and cold dishes cool (bring on those deviled eggs!).

• Tempered, tough, made-in-the-USA Pyrex glass that’s oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher safe.

• Double-finned plastic lids, proudly made in the USA, that provide secure, worry-free food transport—and they don’t cover up the Easy Grab handles.

• An inside pocket that holds utensils such as serving spoons or salad tongs. Clever, yes?

It just doesn’t get any easier to take your specialty—those crowd-pleasing scalloped potatoes made with grandma’s decades-old recipe—to a family gathering.

It’s no accident that the Pyrex Portables have found the perfect balance of fashion and function. That’s what designers set out to achieve when they started conferring with a top design firm a few years back. The goal: Keep food transport safe and secure while injecting a little razzle-dazzle into the carrying-case design.

To do that, designers searched high and low, drawing inspiration from various bag styles and trends, looking at luggage and handbags and everything in between. Then came prototype development. Followed by consumer focus groups that examined the samples and expressed their likes and dislikes. That feedback led to innovative product refinements.

In the end, a winning design emerged, featuring two sleek, stylish straps (like you’d normally see on a nice duffel bag or handbag) that wrap around the entire dish, not just protrude from the top of the carrier. Handles that wrap together securely, with more padding for improved comfort. A headspace lid that creates room for that inside pocket. And a rounded, contoured shape that will impress the fashionistas at your next potluck.

As you see, no need to feel frumpy. This is NOT your mother’s food carrier!