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Road Test: Fruit & Veggie Storage

Road Test: Fruit & Veggie Storage

SNAPWARE ROAD TESTER: Kristy Still of Mommy Hates Cooking
SNAPWARE® PRODUCT: Total Solution Glass Food Storage Set with steamer tray, produce keeper tray and ice pack


  • Storing and keeping produce fresh
  • Reheating in the glass vessels
  • Take-along lunches

BIGGEST SURPRISE: I was surprised that the lids interchange and easily fit on both the plastic and glass storage. I was also surprised to find that the glass is actually Pyrex® glassware.

PRODUCT HACKS: While these products are ideal leftover savers, the added steamer tray has allowed me to add fresh, crispy salads to the lunch routine. Add in the ice pack and you’re good to go!

HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL WANT TO KNOW: You’ll want a nice leakproof seal, so the lids have to be pushed down rather heavily to snap them properly.

My family utilizes leftovers frequently. Does yours? If so, you already know top-notch food storage is a must. This past month, the Snapware® brand team asked if I’d put their Total Solution™ Food Storage Set with inserts to a real-life product road test. I already knew for leftovers the results would be thumbs-up.

Now for the plot twist: This set was special. It included a new steamer tray, produce keeper insert and freezable ice pack. So was Snapware an ideal solution for fresh fruits, veggies and on-the-go lunches, too?


What blew me away with the Total Solution Food Storage Set is that it comes with Pyrex® glass vessels. It is not a cheap glass dish susceptible to chipping or breaking. It’s sturdy and thick. Durable would sum it up. That makes it the perfect fit in our household. The glass storage system is a great way to store leftovers, or even ready-to-serve dishes for family or friends. When it’s time to eat, simply remove the lid and then place the entire Pyrex dish in the oven or microwave to warm up.

The new steamer is a real difference maker, expanding uses for these containers exponentially.

  • As expected, the insert is perfect for steaming fresh veggies. Just cover the bottom of the glassware with water and heat in the micro.
  • For lunchtime, the new steamer also helped make boring old lunch an occasion. My meals are healthier, as I can make just about any veggie in minutes. And for salads—no more wilty lettuce sitting in a puddle of water. The new steamer acts as a drain or moisture barrier, keeping leaves crisp and fresh.
  • For herbs, the steamer insert is perfect to separate their freshness from the moisture at the bottom of the container that often causes them to perish quicker.

And for the ice pack?

  • Who doesn’t like their sandwich or veggies staying cool until lunch?
  • If you have kids, you know how frustrating it is losing your inventory of reusable ice packs to the garbage. Because this one is bright green and rigid, it’s less likely to be tossed.
  • When traveling, I now pack healthier snacks for my two children. They love fruit, and the ice packs keep them cool in the car when road tripping or shuffling kids from one activity to another.
  • And I can’t forget the Produce Keeper Tray.

  • Since it keeps fruits and veggies fresh up to twice as long, I can chop and wash everything less often, saving me lots of time in the kitchen.
  • When on the go, I know I’ll have ready-to-eat fresh snacks any time of the day.
  • And because food will last longer, there will be less wasted. Love that!

    Ultimately, it’s the lids that I love. They’re interchangeable with both plastic and the glass Total Solution containers. The seal on the lids makes them leakproof no matter which containers you use. If you drop a container, the lid still stays on, unlike others I have used that burst open if they accidentally hit the floor. Not with Snapware, though. Chances are your entire dish will stay intact!

    Of course, the inserts are also a bonus for me; the fact that I can keep those fruits and veggies cold and chilled all day long with the insert makes it a win! My husband can also take salads to work without having to worry about soggy lettuce.

    The Total Solution glass containers are stain resistant and easily store in the freezer or fridge. And it looks great on the table when I serve meals to my family and friends. I love that these glass containers can store marinara sauce, heat up, look great on the table and clean up in minutes.


    That brings me to cleaning, which to me means one word: Dishwasher! Can I say that I hate hand-washing dishes? I have been spoiled with a dishwasher all of my life, so the fact these are dishwasher safe is a huge plus and an important reason why they’re now permanently in my kitchen.

    The Total Solution storage set comes with a variety of container sizes, taking into consideration that most of us make a variety of meals. We have parties often, meaning we have foods that typically need to be stored as I prep. My fridge used to be a packed mess. But Snapware containers are easily stackable, making them a space-saving solution for a much more organized fridge.

    And that handy ice pack? It’s nice and rigid, keeping its shape when frozen or thawed. It tucks nicely on the door of my freezer and fits most any lunch sack. My truck-driving husband has no access to a fridge during the day. Having that ice pack is vital to keeping his lunch fresh!

    ROAD TEST RESULT: I absolutely love the Total Solution Food Storage Set with insert trays and ice packs [LINK:]. I enjoy the quality of glassware, interchangeable lids and the expanded uses, thanks to the steamer tray and ice packs. Now that the test is over, they have a permanent place in my kitchen!