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Road Test: Fruits and Veggies

Road Test: Fruits and Veggies

SNAPWARE ROAD TESTER: Kristy Still of Mommy Hates Cooking
SNAPWARE® PRODUCT: 10 Piece Bowl Set & Fruit & Veggie Trainer

  • Storing fresh produce
  • Transporting a fruit or veggie tray
  • Storing fresh dips and sauces

BIGGEST SURPRISE: I was surprised how well the lids stay in place and how easy it is to transport.
PRODUCT HACKS: The 10-Piece Bowl Set is easy to stack in the fridge so it doesn’t take up much space. It’s great for storing dry ingredients in the pantry, too.
HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL WANT TO KNOW: You’ll want a nice leakproof seal, so the lids have to be pushed down rather heavily in order to snap them properly.

As someone who cooks frequently, I find that my fridge can quickly turn into unorganized chaos. Of course, I think it was like this even before I started cooking all the time. This past month, the Snapware® brand team asked if I’d put their 10 Piece Bowl Set and Fruit & Veggie Trainer to a real-life product road test. Right in my own kitchen. What a great way to get my fridge organized!


At first, I was a bit skeptical. I wondered how this product was any different than other food-storage products on the market right now that I had used.

My biggest surprise was the Snapware® Fruit & Veggie Trainer. This wonderful system allowed me to easily store and transport a fruit or veggie tray without a mess. I love making fruit and veggie trays to take to parties and gatherings; however, I typically have to use a big tray, then wrap it with plastic wrap several times, and hope that it stays put. That means transporting is a bit of a chore to ensure it does not tip over. By using the Fruit & Veggie Trainer, I simply put the dip in the center and sealed it with the lid, and then I was able to put in all the veggies and snap the lid right on. It could be tipped upside down and still everything was still in place. Honestly, I wish I had one of these before now. This is going down as one of my favorite kitchen necessities.



The lids are wonderful—they snap as opposed to just sealing on. I loved this because I have a toddler who likes to take a little tour through the fridge from time to time. She tosses some of our plastic containers on the floor. The ones that do not have the Snapware locking lids simply fall apart and open up, leaving food everywhere. Ugh!

The Snapware lids lock in place and stood up to my 2-year-old road tester. I sealed up some fresh produce along with dip and leftovers in the bowls. I was able to stack them on top of each other in the fridge to maximize space and also give my fridge much-needed organization.


Did I mention, too, the Snapware products are also leakproof? One of my biggest pet peeves with food-storage containers is when I am delivering food to a family and I make a sharp turn, and soup or chili leaks out of the bowl, creating a mess to clean up. The Snapware food-storage bowls are completely leakproof. That means they can also withstand my driving while I am out delivering food. Now that is a true “road test.”

These Snapware bowls are also dishwasher safe. I rely on my dishwasher heavily, and honestly, if it isn’t dishwasher safe, I’m likely not going to purchase it. I am one of those people who has been spoiled with a dishwasher all my life, and especially with the amount of cooking I do, I rely on it. I was able to quickly toss the products in the dishwasher and reuse them again with fresh produce and leftovers for the week. I also like that I can cut up fruit and veggies to store them for quick snacks. The produce stays fresh and does not quickly brown or wilt away.

ROAD TEST RESULT: I am sold on Snapware’s 10 Piece Bowl Set and the Fruit & Veggie Trainer. They’re heavy duty, and the only thing I noticed is that you do have to push on the lids heavily to be sure to get them snapped securely in place. After that, no worries. Your food is safe, secure and efficiently stored.