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Boost Your BBQ with Sides That Shine

Boost Your BBQ with Sides That Shine

A plate loaded with hot-off-the-grill meat can dominate the spotlight and cause tunnel vision, making you tune out the other foods at the table. Counter that response with awesome apps and super sides that’ll complement the flavors of the main attraction and round out your entire backyard barbecue.

If we might be so bold, here’s a stellar cast for you to choose from:


Inhaling the smoky aroma of a fiery tour de force in progress can make waiting a challenge, so tease (and appease) taste buds first. You’re putting most of your energy and focus into that grilled masterpiece, so here’s a succulent starter that’ll save time and take the edge off. We take a shortcut by using frozen drummies, then do ’em in the oven so you can reserve the grill for the main course. Bake yours on a nonstick BAKER'S SECRET® SIGNATURE™ LARGE COOKIE SHEET and they’ll slide right off the pan.



Dress up precooked frozen drummettes with a finger-lickin’ blend of sweet and spicy to make
for a sassy starter to your barbecue or party. Be sure to double your stack of napkins! GET THE RECIPE


Cold brew and barbecue have become nearly inseparable companions, but that’s not the only reason our Parmesan-Dill Bread makes the list. A hunk of this savory loaf can also mop up all the sauce or juice left on your plate. Bake it up in the cool of the morning—or the night before—in a BAKER'S SECRET® ESSENTIALS MEDIUM LOAF PAN and you’ll have one less pan to wash after dinner.


Sweet potatoes with barbecue is, well, sweet! We oven-fry ours to slash fat and calories without losing any of the fab flavor. Bake while your meat lounges on the grill, and be sure to have extra barbecue sauce. These tasty tater hunks are even better with a good dunk!



Golden on the outside and tender on the inside, with just the right blend of sweet and heat. Our seasoned sweet potato wedges pair with savory grilled meat like a couple that’s meant to be. GET THE RECIPE


Talent is talent, and our Loaded Hash Browns dish is the ultimate scene stealer. Sour cream, cheese and bacon—what is it about these flavors that go so well with barbecue? Sometimes it’s best not to overanalyze and simply enjoy the performance.


  • MAKE IT YOURS. At a barbecue, if the meat is king, sauce is queen. Ready-made versions abound, and you can always tinker with the flavors by adding a secret ingredient or two to get just the right kick or heat. Or you can secure total bragging rights and create your own BBQ sauce from scratch.
  • KEEP IT CLEAN. Rather than go through a tree’s worth of paper napkins, set out a pile of inexpensive washcloths instead. An eco-friendly and creative way to deal with the constant saucy fingers of a BBQ meal—and they can used over and over again (washed in between, of course!).
  • COOL IT DOWN. Bring down the spicy heat of barbecue with a sweet frozen treat. Try our Strawberry-Mango-Lime Ice Cream Squares, set up an ice cream sundae bar or serve gelato with fresh fruit.

Stars are stars for a reason, but it can get lonely at the top. And surrounding your hotshot with talented sides only makes it shine brighter!

YOUR TURN: What’s your fave barbecue meat and side pairing?