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Beat-the-Heat Freezer Desserts

Beat-the-Heat Freezer Desserts

Hooray for summer with its blue-sky breezes, soul-warming sunshine and barefoot bliss. But when the temperature starts to climb and the dog days come, heat and humidity can leave you with barely enough energy to wave a paper fan. Strike back and beat the heat with a freezer full of chill-icious desserts. Loaded with cool perks, most frozen treats require little or no oven time, and all can be made to fit a number of tastes or themes. Best of all, they can be made ahead and kept in the freezer for a few months (if you can resist the temptation!).


Strawberry-Mango-Lime Ice-Cream Squares
The name says it all. This dessert is guaranteed summer fresh! Plus, you can whip it up in minutes, give it some time in the freezer to set and serve up frozen squares bursting with the fresh flavors of summer. Take it from us, it tastes even better than it looks! GET RECIPE


We love fresh fruit pie in summer, but freezer pie in summer wins hands down on a steamy day. All shapes are welcome, from wedges to squares to slices. Generally made by topping a cookie crust with ice cream, sorbet, pudding or other type of creamy filling, there’s a recipe for almost any flavor imaginable—think peanut butter, chocolate chiffon, peaches ’n’ cream. Some don’t even require the use of an oven!
Here are some other tips:

  • Get creative with toppings—crumble crushed candy bars and cookies, drizzle with caramel topping or a berry fruit sauce, or top with a chocolate ganache.
  • Let sit out for a couple minutes until slightly thawed (but not soft) so it’s easier to cut.
  • Line your pan with plastic wrap if you want to move your freezer pie to a cutting board or decorative serving platter, then simply lift and transfer.


Fun to make and easy to serve…and who doesn’t have fond memories of them dripping down your hands and wrists? The basic ice pop requires three things: sweet-flavored liquid, something to freeze it in and a stick. But these days, ice pops are anything but everyday. We found a super-cool take on a root beer float from Evil Chef Mom, for example. She makes them in paper cups, but you could use a Baker’s Secret® Signature™ 12 Cup Muffin Pan or your favorite ice pop mold instead. Some other ideas:

  • Get juiced and experiment with flavors. Pineapple, apple, pear and grape juices are easy options for making kid-approved pops in a hurry.
  • Add chopped or sliced fresh fruit like strawberries or kiwi for color, texture and interest.
  • Creamy equals dreamy. Mix in ice cream, pudding or yogurt for a smoother taste that lingers.
  • Please adult palates, too, with grown-up versions that include freshly chopped herbs. We like watermelon-mint or lime-basil.
  • Try other liquids like lemonade (regular or pink), limeade and even soda.


Ciao bella! This sophisticated take on a slushy is also called granita. And while lemon is far and away the most popular flavor, there are countless ways to create this surprisingly simple-to-make treat. All you need is a Baker’s Secret® 9”x13” Cake Pan, a blender or bowl to mix your ingredients, and a scoop to dish it out. This refreshing pineapple-flavored version from Dine and Dish is a good place to break the ice. Simply perfect served in a dish with a spoon, but be sure to try these ideas, too…

  • Flavor with liqueur, such as Limoncello or Frangelico. (Champagne and wine work nicely, too.)
  • Taste the tropics by experimenting with faraway flavors, such as coconut, key lime and guava.
  • Ratchet up the richness by adding bittersweet chocolate or chilled espresso.
  • Drop a scoop in a summer cocktail, or fashion into a float (add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to a dish of cherry cola granita, and let the flavors mingle).


That’s right, fudge…that you make in the freezer. Fantastic! No sweating over a hot stove top, no throwing out a batch because it’s the wrong consistency. Simply mix, freeze and eat to your heart’s (or stomach’s) content. The smooth, fudgy texture comes from nut butters and/or coconut oil. This to-die-for (and relatively healthy) recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie.

  • Many recipes are dairy-free, making them great options for vegans or friends who are lactose-intolerant.
  • Freezer fudge can be frozen in almost anything, but square and rectangular pans work best for cutting same-sized portions. A Baker’s Secret Cook ‘N Carry 9”x13” Cake Pan is just right for making a double batch to take and share with friends.
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth and chill out at the same time by stocking some deliciously cool confections in your freezer this summer. Bring it, hot stuff!YOUR TURN: What’s your number one frozen treat in the summer?