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Four Fantastic Frozen Fruit Pops

Four Fantastic Frozen Fruit Pops

Concocting your own fruit pops is not only a healthier way to attack summer snacking, but it’s also an opportunity to let your creative genius shine. We’ll get you started with some ideas, but then go ahead and use your imagination. Or make ’em with whatever you have on hand…improvise!

Whether you want to impress party guests with your artistic flair or have a fun project to do with the kids, these tasty warm-weather treats will do the trick.


We think this is the perfect summer refresher for a hot and sticky day. For a grown-up twist, it’s extra-relaxing when you mix in a little gin or rum before freezing. The invigorating flavors can be a bit on the tart side, so to sweeten the deal, consider adding a little strawberry puree. Or try one of the fruitier recipes below.


Sticking to our theme, we checked with a few favorite bloggers and found some tasty twists and clever combos that’ll be sure to instigate a snack break and rejuvenate the wilted. Adventurous types may also be inspired to start with these fun flavors and then riff a little.


A tangy mix that’s fabulous on its own also makes an excellent base for inviting in other flavors. Many thanks to Karen at My Pantry Shelf for this sweet summer blend!

TIP: Instead of using ice pop molds, try whipping these up in the BAKER’S SECRET® 24 CUP MINI MUFFIN PAN. Or grab a spare ice cube tray and freeze smaller portions to add to some of your favorite summertime drinks.


If you crave a tropical taste, Jocelyn at Grand Baby Cakes has a mango pineapple pop recipe that’ll make you think of frozen sunshine on a stick.


Looking for something with a little more substance? This thick ’n fruity fro-yo pop is pure frosty perfection. Check out Ali’s easy, healthy recipe for blueberry pomegranate pops at Gimme Some Oven.

Another super-easy way to make good-for-you frozen pops is to make a bigger-than-usual batch of smoothies (or use what’s left over in the blender) and simply pour the extra into molds and freeze until set.

Whatever medley you mix, keep it quick, healthful, and sweet—that’s the magic trifecta for cooling down overheated kids (of any age) this summer.

YOUR TURN: What are your top fruity flavor fusions?