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How to Serve Mom Breakfast in Bed

How to Serve Mom Breakfast in Bed

Mmmm…stretch…blink…and inhale the aromas of a delicious breakfast while nestled comfortably in your bed. Such a nice, relaxing way to wake up and ease into your special day.

The classic Mother’s Day breakfast in bed always seems like a great idea. Then reality sets in: Lukewarm coffee flecked with grounds, pancakes cooked like steak (well-charred on the outside and barely rare within), and sticky, flour-covered kids adorably bouncing with affection and excitement. Your breakfast—all over the duvet.

Want to help your kids get off to the right start this year so you really can enjoy that once-a-year special breakfast? We’ve included a quick checklist to help them from start to finish. And for you, the best Mom’s Day gift ever!



  • Recommend one adult (the other parent is a great choice).

  • The rule of thumb is one hot, one cold and one foolproof (we suggest water here).
  • CARD

  • Store-bought is fine in a pinch, but homemade and heartfelt is a sure thing. Crayons, markers, glitter, chocolate chips…all materials are fair game. Just have them do it the day before to keep it fun and not stressful.

  • After setting up the tray with attractive, chip-resistant, durable Corelle® dishware , the remaining details really depend on the kid(s). Minimalists will be satisfied with a single bloom in a bud vase, and creative types may push for a full-on theme, complete with costumes. If more than one child is involved, the likely outcome will be a highly original mix of styles.

  • Note to older child (or adult assistant)—we suggest taking stock before you get started. Homemade muffins turn out much better if you use a muffin pan. And serving trays are kind of essential, but you can always think outside the box on this one.
  • FOOD

    Generally required for this particular endeavor, but the good news is that kids can make a meal as easy or elaborate as age (and assistant) requires. A few menu suggestions:

  • No cooking required: Scoop up yogurt parfaits, fresh fruit or prebaked pastries and cold cereal.
  • Small appliances only: Think waffle maker, toaster and blender. Kids can chop fruit and veggies (or use frozen) and measure out yogurt and juice for a delicious smoothie. Mommy Run Fast has a bunch of yummy choices, from lean ’n’ green to super-fruity or all-out decadent .
  • Stove-top classics: Cook up eggs, bacon and sausage, or combine them with veggies in an easy scramble or omelet.
  • Love in the oven: Pop in a savory egg bake or an easier-than-it-sounds frittata, or mix up a quick batch of muffins, scones or Cinnamon Sugar Popovers from A Sweet Spoonful.
  • GIFT

    Your options are wide open here, but a pretty wrapping job says “special,” no matter what it is. School art pottery, cereal jewelry, self-portrait, books, chocolate, 60-second kid-style massage or 60-minute spa-style massage…we could go on. But just like the card, moms truly love—and remember—the easy DIY presents. Here are some great ideas from bloggers that can accommodate all skill levels and ages:

  • Love in a jar: Amy from New Nostalgia suggests decorating a jar or other container and using little slips of paper to tell mom what you love about her .
  • Sweet scrub: Even the youngest kids can help mix up this easy sugar scrub from Whole New Mom . Photo op: Their little mugs will guarantee a smile every time she marks her place with this cute bookmark from Make and Takes .
  • Share this checklist with your spouse and kids the week (okay, day) before Mother’s Day. And then rest easy, because it’s all in their hands now.
  • YOUR TURN: What’s your favorite Mother’s Day treat?