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How to Set a Table: Ideas for Setting a Beautiful Table

How to Set a Table: Ideas for Setting a Beautiful Table

Tips for Setting a Beautiful Table

From holiday meals to dinner parties to family reunions, if you serve a meal, you’ll eventually have to face the question: How do I set the table? Once you know the basics, setting a table is simple, and adding some personal touches can be fun and help draw the whole table setting together.

The Basics

The first step in setting a table is knowing where each piece is supposed to go. Smart table setting gives your table a uniform, polished look and makes your table functional during mealtime. Below are some basic tips for setting a beautiful table properly:

  • All tableware is set based on how it will be accessed by the person sitting in the chair. Therefore, table settings on opposite sides of the table should be opposite images of one another.
  • The dinner plate forms the center of the table setting.
  • The soup bowl or salad plate sits on top of the dinner plate.
  • Forks go to the left of the plate, in the order they’ll be used. The smaller salad fork is placed outside of the larger dinner fork.
  • Place the napkin to the left of the forks or under them.
  • Set the bread plate to the left of the napkin or above the forks.
  • Starting again from the dinner plate, arrange knives and spoons to the right, with the knife on the inside and the spoon on the outside.
  • Place the glasses above the knives and spoons, with the water glass on the inside and the wine glass on the outside.
  • If you’re serving dessert, that spoon and/or fork are placed above the dinner plate, with the fork closest to the plate.

Following these tips for setting a beautiful table ensures that the table will look neat and tidy, the food will be easier to serve, and your guests won’t have trouble figuring out which parts of the table settings are theirs.

Make It Stylish

Beyond using these guidelines to set your table, you can add personal touches to make your place settings more modern and original. Try the following tips for setting a beautiful table with some extra flair:

  • Multiple patterns—You can mix patterns of plates, glasses, silverware and napkins, as long as you choose patterns that complement one another. Far from being a sign of disorganization, mixing and matching different sets of tableware is a popular stylistic choice these days and lends an eclectic, chic or personal feel. To balance the look, you can also try varying textures and materials such as glass, wood, metal, and linen.
  • Modern—For a more formal yet still up-to-date atmosphere, you can set a table with muted colors, sharp lines and minimalist decorations. The embossed, white-on-white Corelle® Swept dinnerware, part of the new “Boutique™ by Corelle®” collection, will add a touch of modern sophistication to your table.
  • Natural—Complement natural colors like brown and green with fresh greenery and flowers for a soothing table setting. A perfect pick for a natural setting is the Woodland Leaves pattern from the Corelle® Impressions™ collection. It features warm earth tones that add a touch of natural beauty to your dining experience.

What are your ideas for setting the table? We’d love to hear from you.