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Touchdown! A Finger-Friendly Super Bowl Spread

Touchdown! A Finger-Friendly Super Bowl Spread

The big game is just around the corner and it’s the ultimate excuse to throw a rockin’ party. You’ve been looking forward to tackling this all season, so how can you step up your game and make this year’s celebration one for the record books?
Host a hands-on Super Bowl viewing party by serving only finger foods! Not only will it make handling the snack blitz a breeze, but you’ll also be able to streamline your offensive playbook and minimize the mess so that you can catch every play…and every ad!


Creating bite-size portions is a surefire way to classify snacks as finger food. How? Take your favorite meats, cheeses, veggies and seasonings, then roll up in a tortilla and slice…pile on small buns for sliders…or coat in bread crumbs and fry into little fritters. And be sure to include petite pizzas! Our tasty Mini Veggie Football Pizzas will score some major points with guests. Need something meatier? Pile on the pepperoni and sausage. With pizza, there’s no limit to the delish combos you can whip together, and it’ll be easy to make sure there’s something to please every eater.


Or, rather…toothpicks! Just because you want this party to be hands-on doesn’t mean you want grease spots on your furniture. Keep fingers clean by providing plenty of toothpicks. Or try skewering the snacks ahead of time: A little savory, a little spicy, our Jalapeño Popper Meatballs stack a triple threat of flavor on one little pick.

HINT: Looking to bring some tailgating flavor to your living room? Supersize your picks by grabbing kabob skewers and grilling up pork on a stick. Fire ’em up just before kickoff and keep warm for the party.


Include a variety of dips and dippers to keep your Super Bowl spread finger friendly.

  • Chips, crackers, veggies—you can dip ’em all, so get creative and give guests some yummy options like our ultra-flavorful Greek Buffalo Chicken Dip.
  • Hot and hearty chili is a game-day must, but turning it into a dip—con queso, of course—is a fun and easy way to serve it. Eliminate the bowls and spoons, and scoop it up with chips instead!


Let your favorite flavors work together and whip up a tasty snack mix. Be creative or stick with a classic combo that you know will take home the trophy. Not sure which flavors work well together? Give our zesty BBQ Halftime Snack Mix a try.


  • PRO BOWLS: Set out your tasty treats in versatile CORELLE® SERVEWARE. These chip-resistant serving bowls and platters can withstand whatever you can throw at ’em. You’ll even be able to avoid a postgame huddle around the sink—just toss them in the dishwasher and carry on with the game-day festivities.
  • TRASH TALK: Paper plates might seem like a foolproof way to make cleanup easier, but their flimsy construction can leave you with some heavy-duty scrubbing if things go wrong. Plastic is a bit sturdier, but can make the trash pile up quickly. Keep your party environmentally conscious and stick with lightweight CORELLE PLATES instead. You’ll earn style points, too!
  • AVOID PENALTIES AND KEEP IT CLEAN: Guarantee that no one misses a minute of the halftime show by keeping a stack of napkins (and bowl of wet naps for those sticky finger-food items) close to where they’ll be watching.

Make a delicious call by assembling an all finger-food party, and you’ll score with the fans while sidestepping the extra post-party cleanup. That’s a win-win!

YOUR TURN: Which easy-to-eat finger food is your football party MVP?