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Instagram Your Dish: 5 Tips for Delish Food Photos

Instagram Your Dish: 5 Tips for Delish Food Photos

We love Instagram for making it easier than ever to share the things we’re passionate about—especially food! That’s exactly why we recently launched our CorningWare Instagram page. To share delicious photos of food in our bakeware, and encourage you to do so, too (#corningware). Join the fun and follow CorningWare on Instagram.

Everyone loves to share good food photos on Instagram, especially good cooks. Of course, your food won’t look as good as it tastes without some technique. Here are 5 Insta-tips to make your food look so tasty, you’ll want to lick the screen. #corningware #delish!

  1. PLATING. Even if the meal is identical, you can recognize which comes from a “fancy” restaurant by its distinctive plating. When you plate your home-cooked food, focus on using contrasting colors (use garnish if needed), leaving plenty of empty space on the plate, and keeping the plate looking neat and intentional. You should also be careful in choosing the plates and silverware—choose dishware in colors and styles that complement the food.

    DO: Leave space around your food
    Pizza - Good shot


    DON’T: Pile it on


  2. SETTING. Of course, it’s not just the plating that matters. Even the loveliest food can seem dull or cold in a dark, drab setting. Make sure you have warm, natural lighting for the picture, and make the setting pretty. Photos of a beautiful plate on a lumpy couch or in front of a TV aren’t appetizing. The goal is to create a full-on meal escape, and a beautiful yet soothing environment allows the focus to be on the food. Once you have a good setting, move on to…

    DO: Use warm, natural light
    Tomatoes - Good shot


    DON’T: Blast with a flash
    Tomatoes - Blast of flash


    DO: Create an environment
    Shells-good Environment


    DON’T: Think TV Dinner
    Shells-Bad Environment


  3. PERSONALITY. With so many people using Instagram to share their food, unique style can set you apart. Show some personal style. Use bakeware or plates, table settings, flower or plant arrangements, even people to create a distinctive style. Decide whether you’d like to present a style such as vintage, rustic, contemporary, homemade or fine dining, and look around your house to see how you can achieve that feeling.
    DO: Show your style
    Cookies - Style


    DON’T: Clutter the photo


  4. TIMING. It’s best to take your photo as soon as you plate the dish. Food can start looking droopy, flat, dry or wilted in just a few minutes.
    DO: Shoot immediately
    French Toast-warm food


    DON’T: Let it get cold
    French Toast - Cold


  5. FILTERS & FRAMING. Now that you’ve got great photos, you can use Instagram filters to make them even more unique and drool-worthy. Use more subtle filters. The primary use should be to address issues in the quality of the photo. Use the filters to brighten it up and use depth of field to improve the focus. Crop anything distracting in the picture. Often the tighter the shot, the better—it keeps the focus on your food. And, think close-up from the start. A forkful of pasta can be more interesting than the entire bowl of noodles. Straighten crooked photos, or intentionally set the image at an angle for more intrigue.
    DO: Brighten, improve, straighten
    Tomatoes - Good shot


    DON’T: Go filter overboard
    Tomatoes - Filter overboard


FINALLY…TAGS! Once the photo is uploaded to Instagram, use the in-site tools to make it more accessible. And be sure to tag it! Tagging is essential for others to find your photos. Including useful tags like #corningware, #recipes or #foodie is likely to keep people interested, even if you do leave out the secret ingredient!

INSTAGRAM YOUR FOOD! We love to eat with our eyes. Share your lick-the-screen delicious recipes and food photos with our @CorningWare Instagram account.