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Prep, Serve, Store Holiday Style

Prep, Serve, Store Holiday Style

Like the song says, the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. But they can also be the most hectic time of the year. If cooking and entertaining feel overwhelming, there are some easy strategies you can use to make this holiday season enjoying and relaxing—for those in the kitchen, too!
The secret? Focus on simplicity. Apply these proven time-saving techniques and rely on the versatility of CORNINGWARE® BAKEWARE so you can prep, serve and store, all in one dish.


Getting prepared is one of the most important parts of holiday entertaining, and it can be streamlined with some simple steps:

  • Head starts. Save time and dirty fewer dishes by choosing foods that have been lightly prepared. Frozen precut green beans, for example, taste like fresh when cooked and save you the trouble of washing and cutting them.
  • Cook in advance. Pies, baked goods and many casseroles can be assembled—and even baked—hours or days before it’s time to serve them.
  • Ask guests to share a dish. It will relieve the pressure on you, plus create a more collaborative get-together. Recipe swap, anyone?
  • Serve

    For most of the year, food presentation isn’t overly important to us as long as it’s on time and the food tastes great. But when it comes to the holidays, a beautifully presented dish can make the entire meal feel more festive—and even seem more flavorful.

    The single easiest way to make your recipe look as good as it tastes is to take advantage of the versatility of the CORNINGWARE® FRENCH WHITE® COLLECTION. A group of multitasking pros, each piece looks as good as it performs and can be used to cook, serve and store your holiday foods. And, don’t forget to save room on the table for these main dishes. Place a trivet or hot pad on the dining room table, and take the bakeware straight to the table from the oven.


    What’s a holiday feast without leftovers? Use these tips to store and use your leftovers effortlessly:

  • Put your leftovers right into the fridge in your CorningWare bakeware—there’s no need to transfer them to a different container when their handy plastic lids seal them nicely. And when you want to reheat them, simply put the dish directly into your microwave or oven.
  • Instead of eating your leftovers “as is,” spruce them up by incorporating them into new recipes. Think of turkey and cranberry sandwiches, mixing leftover meat with taco seasoning for a Mexican dish, or using dressing in stuffed mushrooms.
  • Use individual single-serving size containers for grab-and-go lunches.
  • When using CorningWare® bakeware for your holiday meal prep, you’ll have one more thing to be thankful for: Three times less dishes…three times less cleanup!

    YOUR TURN: What tips or tricks do you use to simplify meal prep for the holidays?