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Two Words: One Dish

Two Words: One Dish

Let’s face it—cleanup, and the sheer volume of it, is often the worst part of cooking. At the best of times, it’s inconvenient; at the worst of times, it can start an all-out family feud. Why not skip the hassle? Baking in one-dish, or as few as possible, allows you to prepare a healthful, filling meal without the annoyance of a sink piled high with dirty dishes. Here’s how…


Yes, but then we go the extra mile and eliminate as many extra pots and pans needed to put it together. We take a minimalist approach and preparing a meal where there are few or no other dishes involved. Most, if not all the prep, cooking and serving comes together in a single dish.

One-dish meals will be your best friend for a variety of occasions. They’re great for the everyday dinner, but they really shine in areas where convenience and easy transportation are needed. For example, they’re ideal for freezing ahead of time, bringing to potlucks or dropping off for new parents.


A one-dish meal has the power to simplify so much of the cooking process.

  • Cleanup involves just wiping down the counter and washing utensils and one cooking dish.
  • It’s very easy to improvise with one-dish meals, because for the most part they don’t require a great deal of precision. Vegetables, meats and spices can easily be swapped out for whatever’s on hand or whatever your family prefers.
  • In many cases, it’s easy to add in your favorite vegetables and lean protein to boost the healthy value of any one-dish recipe. That’s a bonus…getting a healthy meal without extra work.

    Here are a few simple strategies for making one-dish meals part of your weekly routine:

  • Use frozen or pre-washed and sliced veggies
  • When using your slow cooker, look for steps you can skip, like sautéing onions
  • Use no-bake noodles when preparing lasagnas
  • Look for recipes where rice or pasta cook in a simmering sauce
  • Keep a collection of your favorite one-dish meals in a special spot so you’re not scrambling to find your favorite one-dish recipes.
  • That’s it. One-dish simple!


    Tell us your favorite one-dish meals, and share your recipes and tips that make meal prep quick and easy. Here's one of our favorite one-dish meals Creamy Chicken-Spinach Lasagna