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5 Most Popular Recipes of 2015

5 Most Popular Recipes of 2015


The end of each year offers an opportunity to look back and celebrate where we’ve come from, reviewing all that we’ve done in the last 12 months. We’re pretty thrilled to have introduced dozens of brand-new, original Pyrex® recipe ideas. Though we love all of this year’s delicious creations, there are some that really take the cake.

To celebrate 2015, we thought it would be fun to share which of the recipes YOU loved the most. So we pulled out the traffic reports, peeked at the metrics and pored over the numbers. Turns out, we’ve had some pretty popular favorites. We were delighted to discover that our 5 hottest Pyrex® recipes run the gamut from sweet to savory, super-quick fixes to classic faves.

Whether you’ve already discovered them this year, or this is the first time you’re finding these delicious eats, we have to agree with our fans. These favorite recipes are worth adding to your recipe box. Must-try, total favorites. Ready to see which were the winners?

Drumroll, please….

And now, the Top 5 Pyrex® Recipes of 2015

FAVE RECIPE #5: Bacon-Guacamole Grilled Cheese Bake


When it comes to recipes on the Internet, bacon and grilled cheese are big-time winners. So, what happened when we put those two together, added guacamole and made it into a crowd-pleasing casserole in a PYREX® EASY GRAB® 3-QT OBLONG BAKING DISH? A new dinnertime favorite was born, that’s what! Thousands of fans clicked on this recipe, pushing it to the top of our 2015 charts. Great for game-day parties and lazy weekend potlucks, this Guac-and-Bacon Grilled Cheese Bake really is a winner.


FAVE RECIPE #4: Zucchini, Corn and Portabella Pie


Throughout the year, the top searched food terms on Google tend to be “chocolate”, “chicken” and “eggs.” When summer hits, however, those search terms tend to change, including the word “zucchini” and (if you’re anything like us) “what in the world do I do with all of this zucchini in my garden?” Turns out, our Pyrex readers loved the answer to this question, especially when it came in the form of our delicious Zucchini, Corn and Portabella Pie, baked to golden perfection in the PYREX® EASY GRAB® 9.5″ PIE PLATE Our number 4 most clicked-on recipe of the year, keep this one in your back pocket and give it a try next time your garden goes zucchini bananas!


FAVE RECIPE #3: Coconut Meringue-Topped Sweet Potato Pie


Thanksgiving is one of the most notorious food holidays. During the month of November, more recipes are clicked on via Google than cat videos and puppy photos. Okay, we can’t actually confirm those numbers, but if our Pyrex readers have taught us anything, it’s that riffs on favorite Thanksgiving recipes are absolutely irresistible. If you haven’t already discovered our Coconut Meringue-Topped Sweet Potato Pie, it’s time to grab a PYREX® EASY GRAB® 9.5″ PIE PLATE and give our third most popular recipe of 2015 a try. Your Thanksgiving table will thank you!


FAVE RECIPE #2: Summer-Lovin’ Watermelon Cake


Whoever said you need a cake pan to make a decent cake hasn’t tried our Summer-Lovin’ Watermelon Cake. The second most popular Pyrex recipe of 2015, this clever dessert is baked up in a PYREX® 2.5-QT MIXING BOWL. Thousands of readers have already made their summertime a little sweeter with this recipe. Click
below and give it a try. We think you’ll find this recipe is “one in a melon”!


HOTTEST RECIPE OF THE YEAR: #1 Peppery Buttermilk Oven-Fried Chicken


Our hottest recipe of the year puts a modern twist on classic comfort food. Our crispy, peppery fried chicken with a super-crunchy crust isn’t actually fried at all! Instead, this recipe encourages you to toss that oily skillet and bake up the entire batch in a PYREX® EASY GRAB® 3-QT BAKING DISH. So savory, so satisfying, we promise you won’t even miss the fry pan!


It’s been a great year of eats! We’re so glad you’ve been loving our recipes. Stay tuned for 2016…we have so many more Pyrex recipes to share. As good as this year has been, we think this coming year is going to be even better. Can’t wait to show you what we’ve been cooking up!