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5 Ways to Make Halloween Desserts Spook-tacular

5 Ways to Make Halloween Desserts Spook-tacular

This year, go above and beyond the typical orange- and black-frosted sugar cookies for Halloween. With the right tools and recipes, and an amped-up ghoulish attitude, you can make an unforgettable spread for this year’s Halloween party, whether it’s for kids or grown-ups.

Here are some easy and fun Halloween treat ideas you’ll want to scare up this fall. Pull out your mixer, measuring cups and gadgets, and get ready to dig in!

  2. Use a Pyrex® 3 qt Oblong Baking Dish to make a Graveyard Cake, complete with tombstones, ghosts and yes, even optional “worms”! Get creative and add your own spooky stuff. Here’s another spooky cake from across the pond, baked in Pyrex® glassware.

  4. Crispy rice cereal balls are one of the most versatile desserts around, and kids love helping shape and decorate them. Start with the popular rice cereal. Once they set, cut into squares and roll into balls. Brighten the cereal balls by adding Halloween food coloring. Or, drizzle with tinted frosting; add candy corn, chocolate chips or candy-coated chocolate candies. If you want to get real creative, spread them flat on a cookie sheet to about 1-inch thick or less and use seasonally shaped cookie cutters to make cats, ghosts or pumpkins.

    DECORATING TIP: When using frosting to decorate your crispy rice balls, scoop one color of frosting into a small plastic food-storage bag. Cut a small hole in the corner of the bag (start small and work bigger if needed), then squeeze and drizzle the frosting onto the balls. Twist the bag a few times at the top to keep the frosting from leaking out the open end.

  6. Make your favorite cupcake recipe, as well as a batch of delish whipped cream cheese frosting (simply search for “cream cheese frosting” and pick your favorite recipe). Once the cupcakes completely cool, spoon the frosting into a pastry bag and then pipe frosting ghosts on top of each cupcake, like these we found on Pinterest. Mini chocolate chips are perfect for the ghosts’ eyes.

  8. Use your PYREX® EASY GRAB™ PIE PLATE to turn your favorite pie into a Halloween masterpiece. Make your favorite sweet or savory pie recipe, then decorate the top like a mummy (check out this mummy pie pin on Pinterest). It’s easy. Cut the top piecrust into 1-inch strips, draping them across the pie to get a “mummified” look. Use two blueberries or raisins for the eyes, and sprinkle with coarse sugar.

    BAKING TIPS: Cover the top of the pie with foil if it browns too fast. Use a pre-made crust to save time and no extra dishes to wash!

  10. Skip the time-consuming process of decorating dozens of goodies and instead make it a hands-on party activity. You bake the cookies or cupcakes in advance, and then build a buffet of colorful frostings, sprinkles and decorative candies—let the kids do the rest! They’ll have a blast building their own spooky snacks that they can eat or take home later. Remember to have a few brown bags nearby that the kids can also decorate with names, using nontoxic Halloween-colored markers, for take-home treats.

TIME-SAVING TRICKS: Be sure to write out all the ingredients you’ll need before you head to the grocery store. Remember that cake mix, canned frosting, pre-made crusts and instant pudding are your friends!