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Baking Guide: Top 10 Ideas for Better Baking

Baking Guide: Top 10 Ideas for Better Baking

Pyrex®: Top 10 Baking Secrets

Whether you’re baking a quiche, a cake, or homemade bread or rolls, a little bit of know-how can really make a big difference. Here are our top 10 baking tips to help you avoid common mistakes in the kitchen:

Mind the oven

The oven is one of your biggest baking tools and it’s important to use it properly. Never overcrowd the oven by placing pans touching one another or on top of each other. If you find you are consistently baking more than your oven can handle at once, two suggestions. Be a time manager in the kitchen and stagger your baking. And, start stashing a little away at a time to upgrade to that double oven you’ve dreamed about!

Pay attention to heat

When it comes to baking, precise temperature is key. If you suspect your oven’s temperature may be off, you can put an oven-safe thermometer inside to check it. If it’s off, you may want to call for a repair before you use it again. Wait until the oven is completely heated to place dishes in the oven. Finally, if you’re cooking in glass, set the temperature to 25 degrees lower. Glass holds heat better, so you don’t need as much of it.

Know your Substitutions

Some things can easily be substituted for one another in a pinch, but other substitutions can lead to poor results. For example, spreads should never be used as a replacement for butter or shortening.

Grease your pan, unless indicated otherwise in the recipe

You can use a cooking spray, or you can rub a thin layer of butter, shortening or oil on the pan using a paper towel.

Know how to measure.

Flour can be especially fickle. When measuring, spoon flour lightly in a cup and level with a knife. For precise measuring, 1 cup of all-purpose flour should weigh 120 grams.

Warm it up

If the recipe calls for softened butter, grate the butter into the bowl to get it to room temperature. If you choose to melt it in the microwave, use low power. Similarly, placing eggs in a bowl of warm water saves time when raising eggs to room temperature.

Use the freezer

If you make certain recipes often, such as pie crust or pizza dough, you may be able to freeze large batches for future use, saving you prep time in the future. And yes, Pyrex glassware is freezer safe, too!

Keep common mixtures on hand.

If you frequently use certain seasoning mixes for meals, a whole wheat-white flour mix for your breads, or cinnamon-sugar for baking, pre-mix large batches for quick baking. This works great for any recipe’s dry ingredients.

Remember to cool

Cookies, breads, cakes and quiches all need time to set or cool after baking. Don’t skimp on the recipe’s instructions on cooling time. It’s worth the wait!


Certain skills such as beating eggs or kneading bread seem daunting, but are super easy with a bit of practice.

With these top 10 baking tips and shortcuts, your final recipe is sure to be a hit—every time!
What other baking tips do you have? Let us know!