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Easy Eats: Make, Grab and Go

Easy Eats: Make, Grab and Go


Weekend warrior. We’re guessing you’ve not only heard the term, but lived it. We pack in a lot of living from late Friday afternoon to Sunday evening, with the calendar jammed with events like traveling to tournaments, popping into parties, and finding time for visiting family and friends. That kind of pace can mean a lot of fast food and meals pulled from a cooler, but you do have other options!

When you’re gearing up for a weekend where you’ll be on the go constantly, you can still enjoy home-cooked meals. And using portable Pyrex® glassware ensures that whatever you’re cooking up moves easily and securely from your oven to its ultimate destination, near or far.


Saturday or Sunday might start with an up-and-out kind of agenda, but you can still plan to savor a hot and filling breakfast a little later on. The versatile PYREX® PORTABLES® 3 QUART OBLONG BAKING DISH makes meals quick and easy from start to finish. The dual-purpose hot/cold pack slips right inside the convenient carrying case to ensure your food stays fresh, delicious and at the right temperature until the moment you serve it.


Tender chicken, spinach and hash browns get dressed up in a combination of rich and creamy cheeses, and finish off with a spicy little kick that’ll likely lead to second helpings. An easy and super-savory addition to any breakfast buffet or get-together. GET THE RECIPE


Looking for a quick snack to bring to that last-minute party you were just invited to? No problem! We’ve got you covered with an irresistible dip that you can whip up, heat and carry in the PYREX® EASY GRAB™ 2 QUART OBLONG BAKING DISH.


With just 7 simple ingredients, our flavor-packed party dip takes the classic version and gives it a new twist with the addition of sweet corn and diced shrimp. Quick-to-fix, it’ll be quick to disappear once you set it down! GET THE RECIPE


Whether it’s for after the game or after dinner, everyone will have room for a chocolaty, peanut-buttery treat that’s easy to tote and a cinch to make.


  1. Think Fast. For more inspiration on quick meals that you can make and take, check out our Great Ideas for Food on the Go.
  2. Count Heads. Before you head to that potluck, be sure you’ve checked to see how many people you’ll be serving.
  3. Tag Along. If you aren’t planning on sticking around until the end of the party, leave your name and number somewhere on your serving dish and save your host the hassle of trying to remember which bakeware you brought.

Temper your busy weekend with tasty home-cooked meals and treats that’ll leave you feeling balanced and satisfied, and use Pyrex glassware to take them wherever you need to be.

YOUR TURN: What’s your favorite take-along dish?