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French Toast Makeovers—Flavors to Savor!

French Toast Makeovers—Flavors to Savor!


It’s the weekend and oh, baby, bet you’re ready for something new and tasty! Combat breakfast boredom with an easy baked French toast and yes, even casseroles, that are sure to have everyone raring to go for a weekend full of activity.

While the classic toast version will forever be a favorite, variety is the name of the game. You can make your French toast recipe as fun or funky as you want. In fact, these ideas and recipes are so great, French toast won’t just be on the breakfast menu anymore!


Let’s start with the base…the bread. With the bevy of breads out there, there’s no excuse to not experiment beyond the white variety. Just be sure the bread you use is thick-sliced and day-old. That way it soaks up and stands up to the egg mixture.


Want a sure winner that will take you not a minute more? Try cinnamon or cinnamon-raisin bread dipped in your French toast egg mix. Wow…seems like you fussed!


A standard French toast mixture consists of beaten eggs and milk or half-and-half (at about a 1:2 ratio). Give your bread the best bath of its life by punching up the flavor with add-ins like real vanilla bean, freshly ground nutmeg, grated orange peel and decadent liqueurs (for adults only, of course).


Changing out your toppings is the easiest way to add some serious flair to French toast. The flavor combinations you can dream up go only as far as your imagination. Find inspiration in your favorite dishes (caramelized bananas and rum-spiked maple syrup is reminiscent of Bananas Foster) or your most recent vacation (grilled pineapple and toasted flaked coconut offer a taste of the tropics). And just because they’re called “toppings” doesn’t mean you can’t stuff them between the bread, too! Need more ideas? Here are some combos worth trying.

For the Purist
Bread: Texas toast, sourdough, challah
Eggs, milk + vanilla bean or extract, ground cinnamon
Toppings: Maple syrup, powdered sugar, whipped cream, fresh berries, sliced bananas, chopped bacon

For the Sweet Tooth
Bread: Cinnamon raisin, homemade banana bread
Eggs, milk + ground nutmeg, hazelnut coffee creamer, Irish cream liqueur
Toppings: Ice cream, hazelnut spread, chocolate syrup, candied pecans, brown sugar and cinnamon sautéed apples

For the Gourmet
Bread: Croissants, brioche, panettone
Eggs, milk + ground cardamom, dark rum, grated orange peel, pineapple juice
Toppings: Honey, roasted hazelnuts, fresh preserves, mascarpone cheese, grilled peaches


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